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Introduction to the Pro Camera Guide

Welcome to the Pro Camera Guide - an independent guide to digital cameras aimed at professional applications.

You can search our database for specific products.

Then see the product 'Summary' or, where available, the comprehensive 'Full details', and any 'X-tra files' for additional product/company information.

The Pro Camera Guide aims to include not only every existing product, but also those soon to be launched. It covers the whole range of broadcast and professional digital cameras and camcorders.

The Pro Camera Guide is only available free of charge thanks to sponsorship and advertising, so in addition to our independent listings, manufacturers can provide more personalised and useful information in the form of banner ads, logo placements, and X-tra files.

How is the Pro Camera Guide compiled?
Full Details are given for those manufacturers who were prepared to pay a nominal administration fee and provide specifications. Every manufacturer known to us is offered this opportunity regularly, but not all are willing or in a position to take it. Those who prefer to provide only a summary, or who are unable to confirm details because their product is in too early a stage of development, are given a product Summary.



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