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News: DAWs

Digidesign Ships VENUE State-of-the-Art Live Sound Reinforcement System (28/2/2005)

Mackie Announces Tracktion 2 (28/2/2005)

LOUD Technologies Announces Cross-Licensing With Egosys (28/2/2005)

ASKVideo Ships Level 2 of Cubase Tutorial DVD Series (24/2/2005)

Solid State Logic Holdings Limited agree to offer the Company for sale (16/2/2005)

Focusrite Launches Saffire Firewire Interface With Onboard DSP and 24-bit/192kHz Processing (8/2/2005)

Tascam Announces New Drivers for FW-1884 Add Cross-Platform Support for Cubase LE/SE and PCI-822 Driver Update for Windows XP (30/1/2005)

Sonic Studio Launches Trial Download of SonicStudio•DDP (30/1/2005)

Edirol Introduces the FA-66 Compact 24-bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Interface (30/1/2005)

Cakewalk Announces First Truly Native 64-bit Host DAW Application (30/1/2005)

Cakewalk Unveils Project5 Version 2 Performance Workstation (30/1/2005)

Alesis Announces the IO|2 USB Portable 24-bit/96kHz USB Interface (30/1/2005)

Hercules Technologies Unveils the HERCULES 16/12 FW External FireWire Audio Solution (24/1/2005)

XP Sound launches the XP202 professional USB Audio Interface (24/1/2005)

Marantz Professional Launches the PMD660 Hand-Held Field Recorder (21/1/2005)

Sonic Studio Specifies Mytek for Latest I/O Options (21/1/2005)

MOTU Digital Performer 4.51 Update Adds Dynamic CPU Management, Multi Bounce And More (5/1/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Enters Into Agreement to Sell Steinberg Audio Software Business to Yamaha Corporation (5/1/2005)

Steinberg's Nuendo 3 now shipping worldwide (23/12/2004)

Steinberg Announces Cubase SX3.0.1 Update (23/12/2004)

New Tascam Instructional DVD Teaches More Than Just 2488 Techniques (15/12/2004)

Obedia Provides Professional Technical Expertise (22/11/2004)

PreSonus Announces The FIREBOX FireWire recording system (22/11/2004)

Digidesign Announces Pro Tools 6.7 Software for Pro Tools|HD and LE Systems (22/11/2004)

Digidesign Announces Pro Tools 6.6 Software for Pro Tools|HD on Mac OS X (22/11/2004)

Fairlight Introduces DREAM Suite Studio Package (15/11/2004)

Fairlight Introduces New Constellation XT (15/11/2004)

Frontier Design Presents TranzPort For Wireless Control Over DAWs (11/11/2004)

Open Labs Unveils the OMX64 Extreme Digital Audio Workstation (11/11/2004)

Cakewalk Announces Support For Mackie Control C4 In SONAR 4 Producer Edition and Studio Edition (11/11/2004)

CoSTAR FieldEditor Supports German Language (10/11/2004)

Steinberg Premiers Nuendo 3 (5/11/2004)

SADiE And CEDAR Audio Announce the Release of a Suite of Multichannel Restoration Tools for SADiE Series 5 and PCM H64 Workstations (3/11/2004)

SADiE And CEDAR Announce the Imminent Availability of Multichannel CEDAR Retouch v3 for SADiE Series 5 Workstations (3/11/2004)

SADiE and SMART AV Announce Agreement to Develop Interface Between Smart Console and SADiE Series 5 Workstations (3/11/2004)

SADiE Announces PCM2 Portable USB2.0 Connected Editing System (3/11/2004)

SADiE Version V5.3 Software Now Shipping (3/11/2004)

New Software Bundle for Tascam's Computer Interfaces Includes Cubase LE, GigaStudio 3 LE and Nomad Factory Plug-Ins (2/11/2004)

Tascam Announces the DP-01 Digital Portastudio with Eight-Track Recording and a Musician-Friendly Interface (2/11/2004)

Tascam Announces DV-RA1000 High-Resolution Audio Recorder With DSD Recording to DVD (2/11/2004)

Tascam's IF-FW/DM FireWire Expansion Card Adds 24-channel I/O from Computer DAWs to the DM-24 Console (2/11/2004)

New Software Updates For Tascam US-2400 And FW-1884 Add Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo Support And Plug In Control (2/11/2004)

Smart AV Announces The Smart Console (1/11/2004)

Tascam's New FW-1082 Interface Makes a Moving-Fader Control Surface Affordable To Any Studio (1/11/2004)

Tascam's New FW-1804 18-channel Audio Interface Offers Audio and MIDI Interfacing in a Rackmount Package (1/11/2004)

Euphonix Introduces Two New Control Surfaces that Integrate with DAWs (28/10/2004)

Easy SA-CD disc creation for Macintosh users with Philips plug-in for Pro Tools (28/10/2004)

Sonic Studio Releases First OS X–Native Application (26/10/2004)

Steinberg announces Cubase SL3 (25/10/2004)

Sonic Studio Releases Next Version of Flagship Application (22/10/2004)

Tascam FW-1884 Upgrade adds Control Surface Command over Plug-Ins and Soft Synths (11/10/2004)

Tascam's "Free Stuff" Fall Campaign (11/10/2004)

International Music Software Trade Association Formed (11/10/2004)

Apple Introduces Next Major Releases Of Logic Pro 7 And Logic Express 7 Music Creation And Audio Production Software(7/10/2004)

Cakewalk Announces SONAR 4 Producer Edition, the Definitive Audio Production Environment on the Windows Platform (4/10/2004)

Cakewalk Releases International Version of SONAR 4 Producer Edition and Studio Edition; Ships English, French, and German Language Versions (4/10/2004)

Linear Handheld And Internal V Drive From Nagra At SBES 2004 (24/9/2004)

CoSTAR FieldEditor creates breakthrough for Radio Journalism (21/9/2004)

Digidesign Announces VENUE Live Sound Environment Featuring the D-Show Mixing Console (20/9/2004)

Aaton Cantar at IBC (16/9/2004)

Digigram Launches LCM200 and LCM420 Sound Cards (16/9/2004)

Digigram Announces PCX1222HR Multichannel Sound Card (16/9/2004)

SYPHA Launches New Edition of The DAW Buyers Guide (8/9/2004)

Steinberg announces Cubase SX3 with new composition features and production technologies (8/9/2004)

Pyramix V4.3 hits the ground running (8/9/2004)

Fostex Announces New DV824 DVD Multitrack Recorder (26/9/2004)

Avid Completes Acquisition of M-Audio (26/9/2004)

Digidesign Announces the "Gain Control" Control Surface Bundles (16/8/2004)

Fostex Announces New VF80EX and VF160EX Multitrackers (16/8/2004)

Ableton Presents Live 4 Real-time Music Production Solution (16/8/2004)

Digital Audio Wave Launches DAWin G5000 PC Digital Audio Workstation (16/8/2004)

Avid to Acquire M-Audio - Deal will unite two leaders in the audio industry (13/8/2004)

Avid and Digidesign Share Their Passion For Broadcast Technology At IBC 2004 (26/7/2004)

Edirol UA-25 Feature-Loaded USB-bus Powered Audio and MIDI Interface (14/7/2004)

Redbook CD, Track Routing And Sample Rate Conversion Top New RADAR24 Version 3.30 Software Feature List (14/7/2004)

New Software Updates For Tascam US-2400, FW-1884 (14/7/2004)

Lynx Releases OSX Driver for AES16, LynxTWO and L22 (13/7/2004)

Merging introduce 'OASIS' (Open Audio System Integration Solution) For integration between DAW's and digital consoles (7/7/2004)

Pyramix Native Merging's software only DAW solution (7/7/2004)

Merging Doubles Pyramix I/O and Mix capacity to 128 channels with just a Firmware Update (7/7/2004)

Merging Announce Super Audio CD Authoring for Pyramix (7/7/2004)



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