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HD Kit Guide
DAW Buyers Guide
NLE Buyers Guide
Pro Camera Guide


NLE Buyers Guide form

Please use this form for a summary listing in the NLE Buyers Guide.

Qualifying products include turnkey systems, video card and/or software packages, video disk recorders and multichannel servers for editing, edit controllers and host platforms.

If appropriate, your product will also be included in the HD Kit Guide.

You can also use this form to request an enhanced listing and details of our advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

To search the NLE Buyers Guide and view your current listing(s) click here.


1. Your contact details (not used in the listing):
2. Company contact details (used in the listing):
Web site
3. Which market is the product aimed at?
4. What type of product is it? (choose all that apply)
Turnkey NLE
Stand alone appliance
Video card & software package
Software-only editing package
Video I/O card only
Video disk recorder
Multichannel server for editing
Edit controller
Host platform
5. Which operating systems does the product use? (choose all that apply)
MS Windows
Apple Mac
SGI Irix
Sun Solaris

6. Which applications is the product aimed at? (choose all that apply)
DV editing
event videography
small/mid-size productions
theatrical film
general post production
high-end finishing
commercials/music videos
TV drama/documentaries
TV episodics/shows
field editing
field production
VTR replacement
streaming/Web content creation

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7. Which input/output types does the product accept? (choose all that apply)
in out  analog composite
in out  Y/C
in out  analog component
in out  DV25
in out  DVCPRO (D-7)
in out  DVCPRO50
in out  DVCPRO HD (D-12)
in out  DVCAM
in out  HDCAM (D-11)
in out  Betacam SX
in out  Digital Betacam
in out  Digital-S (D-9)
in out  IMX (D-10)
in out  MPEG-2
in out  HDV
in out  compressed SDTV
in out  compressed HDTV
in out  HD D5
in out  D6
in out  uncompressed SDTV
in out  uncompressed HDTV in out  2k
in out  4k

8. Does the product directly support any of the following camera media?
Panasonic P2
FireWire disk packs
9. Does the product support AAF (Advanced Authoring Format)?
Yes No Planned
10. Does the product support MXF (Material Exchange Format)?
Yes No Planned
11. What is the cost range for the product?
up to €/$5,000
€/$5,000 - 10,000
€/$10,000 - 20,000
€/$20,000 - 30,000
€/$30,000 - 50,000
€/$50,000 - 100,000
more than €/$100,000
12. Please give the typical cost of the product and state what this includes:

13. Would you like an enhanced listing? This costs US$360 / EU€330 / GB£200 for a year and includes logo to highlight listing, product image, live email and weblinks, summary of key features and datasheet.
Yes No
14. Would you like details of our advertising and sponsorship opportunities?
Yes No
Comments (not used in the listing):

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