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Founded in 1989 by Yasmin Hashmi and Stella Plumbridge, SYPHA is an independent consultancy specialising in digital random access technologies for all aspects of audio and picture recording and editing.

Its formation arose as a result of the increasing technological change occurring within the broadcast, video and audio industries, and the consequent need for those who can understand, explain and apply the technology.


Applying new technology can lead to expensive and unnecessary mistakes, often as a result of poor information. However, there are few sources of unbiased advice. There are even fewer who appreciate that technological change has wider business implications than just the decision to purchase equipment, including the education of customers and training of employees.

The founder members of SYPHA are highly qualified electronics engineers. Their experience of consultancy includes projects involving industry, government and education. Within the production environment, SYPHA has experience in the design, servicing, selling and creative operation of a range of equipment. This provides the unique ability to empathise with manufacturers and users alike, which is often essential in establishing the optimum solution for clients.

Our consultancy services are tailored to meet client needs, and we have established an international network of technical and marketing specialists. The following brief descriptions should provide a guide to our services, but if you have a particular requirement or project in mind, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

System Assessment

This ranges from recommending the most suitable digital audio workstation or nonlinear video system by means of a simple telephone or written questionnaire, to assessing the complete equipment requirements and the way in which digital technology may be integrated.

If required we can manage the whole project from purchasing and shipping equipment, through to installation. We can accompany you to demonstrations of systems, assist with obtaining the correct specification and price, and provide advice on how to promote your services.

Market research

Careful research can help discover how your business is perceived by potential clients, and how you are meeting the expectations of your existing customers.

For new products we can assist in defining the design specification, particularly of the user interface and operational features. For existing products, we can research how market performance can be improved.

For service providers, our activities include identification of new markets and customers for the facilities being offered, and evaluation of customer requirements in terms of service, quality and price.

Research methods include face-to-face, telephone, and online techniques.

Technical writing

Most of our work requires the use of simple, concise language to explain technology to people who want to use it creatively.

Good quality manuals and other instructional materials are an increasing factor in purchasing decisions. We are experienced in producing clear and well-presented operational manuals, promotional literature and training material for a range of equipment, services and subjects - and can even manage your printing or online production requirements.

Currently we are European Correspondents for World Broadcast Engineering magazine, and have also provided editorial services to TV Technology International, Image Technology and Radio World International. Other publications and magazines which have published our work include Asia Image, Audio Engineering Handbook, Audio Media, Audio Visual, Broadcast Engineering, BE Radio, European Audio Review, International Broadcasting, Line-Up, Mix, One to One, Post Update, Pro Sound News Europe, Recording Musician, Sound On Sound, Studio Sound, Studio Systems, Television Broadcast, TVB Europe, Video Age and Video Systems.


This consists of lectures and workshops aimed at familiarising participants with the principles of digital technology, nonlinear systems and the current state of the market. We can carry out training needs analysis and develop specific training material as required.

We have provided training services to equipment manufacturers and facilities, as well as organisations including the Association of Motion Picture Sound, Pro Audiocom, Audio Engineering Society (UK, Dutch and French sections), British Kinematic Sound & Television Society, International Broadcasting Convention, RBS The Producers Workshop, Royal Television Society and The TV Show.

Clients & Sponsors

Excluding those already mentioned, clients and sponsors for our consultancy services include Akai (UK), AMS-Neve, Avid Technology, BASYS, Broadcast Electronics, Computer Concepts, Digidesign, Digigram UK, Digital Audio Research, Future Equipment Design, Fidelipac, Fostex (UK), Harris Allied, Imp Electronics, Korg (UK), Lightworks, MM Technology, National Sound Archive, Netia, Publison, Quantel, Radio Computing Services, Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe, Soundfirm/Electronic Digital Innovations, SoundScape Digital Technology, Soundtracs, Studer Digitec, Studer International, Studio Audio & Video, as well as numerous broadcast, video and audio facilities.


In addition to client-based consultancy, SYPHA undertakes original, mainly self-financed research. This has resulted in the following print publications:

  • The NLE Buyers Guide - 1st Edition (April 2000);
  • The DAW Buyers Guide - 1st Edition (February 2000);
  • The Internet for Broadcasters - 1st Edition (September 1996);
  • Tapeless Technology in Radio Applications - the User's Point of View (October 1994);
  • The Nonlinear Video Buyers Guide - 1st Edition (September 1994) through to 5th Edition (April 1999);
  • Nonlinear - A Survey from the User's Point of View (November 1992);
  • A Review of the Digital Audio Workstation Market (October 1991);
  • The Tapeless Audio Directory - 1st Edition (January 1990) through to 7th Edition (September 1998);
  • A Review of the Hard Disk Recording Market (April 1989).

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