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Merging Announce Super Audio CD Authoring for Pyramix (7/7/2004)

Swiss based Merging Technologies will be premiering an early version of their SACD Authoring capability fully integrated within the Pyramix DAW software.

"Merging's SACD Authoring Pack is simply a software option for any Pyramix system meeting all the specifications of the full Scarlet Book requirements for SACD production", explains Claude Cellier, President of Merging. "The system accepts any DSD-IFF files from any system, Pyramix or any other DAW, and creates the SACD cutting master file for output to the required AIT tape format. Existing Pyramix users will also be offered the Advanced Trellis coder as a free of charge bundle. Trellis gives significant gains over existing modulators in offering extended total program time of SACD titles, which is of particular interest to Surround releases.

As a fully integrated and transparent process within the Pyramix software we have therefore made the creation of SACD cutting masters as easy as creating a standard CD. As an added option, Pyramix systems configured for DSD will even be able to monitor and playback the SACD cutting master audio image directly in the system.

To maximise workflow and allow us to adapt to our customers specific workflow requirements, the Pyramix SACD Authoring Pack can be installed on any Pyramix 2, 8 or 16 channel DSD systems. Also, as most of our customers do have more than one system, the SACD Authoring Pack may be supplied with a transferable USB dongle allowing our users to move the SACD Authoring capability from one Pyramix system to another. This also reduces the level of investment required as Pyramix customers will only need to purchase a single SACD Authoring Pack for use on any number of systems.

Additionally, Pyramix can accept a final mix, or raw audio files at any sample rate, in any audio format from any DAW system and up-sample to DSD for SACD authoring.

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