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Merging Launch the VCube High-definition Non-linear Video Record (7/7/2004)

Among an array of new product offerings at this year's AES in Berlin is VCube a new hard disk based Video recorder from Merging Technologies. Described as a new and quite revolutionary concept in HD video technology and designed by Merging specifically for picture referencing in audio post production for film and television, VCube is a PC based system that offers an array of capabilities including standard and high-definition video compatibility with sync to Pal, NTSC and all HDTV frame rates. It is also able to connect directly to the Avid UnityTM network and import the multi-layer OMF Compositions as standard. VCube offers absolute synchronization and full integration with Merging's Pyramix DAW system via standard Ethernet, but can also be used with other manufacturers DAW and VT machines controlled as a master or slave through Sony 9-pin.

Ken Barnsley of Merging explains "VCube was originally specified as a video partner for Pyramix, but it soon became very clear that users of other DAW systems could benefit greatly from using VCube, either as a standalone device, or as part of centrally served video streaming network. It is a very cost-effective solution with prices starting from around 6,000, considerably less than other hard disk based VT type systems, especially ones with HD capability. We have already installed a centrally served multi-streaming network of 14 VCubes each connected to a Protools for a major feature film currently in post-production in France. Additionally, combined VCube and Pyramix networked installations are already in progress and we have a waiting list of advanced orders for individual systems for film and television post houses".

VCube offers Composite, S-Video, 1-DV or DV 25 I/O in PAL or NTSC and with stereo audio at 44.1KHz or 48KHz. Video file format compatibility includes VCube files, AVI 1, AVI Ref, AVI 2, OMF, Avid Nitris (HD), QuckTime, QuickTime Media Video, TIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF and EMF with more formats already in development and soon to be available.

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