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Merging Doubles Pyramix I/O and Mix capacity to 128 channels with just a Firmware Update (7/7/2004)

Swiss based Merging Technologies will be showing an early version of the Pyramix V5.0 software at AES in Berlin, AES booth No: 2930 that allows a mix and I/O capability of 128 channels.

"First and foremost", explains Claude Cellier, President of Merging, "V5.0 will see the initial deployment of our new mix engine architecture with a doubling of the maximum capacity from a 64 x 64 to a 128 x 128 channel maximum size. These numbers relate to the maximum mixer input (strips) x max output (busses) at FS of 44/48 kHz. This will therefore also give Pyramix 64 x 64 capability at 96 kHz, 32 x 32 at 192 kHz and 16 x 16 at DXD/DSD rates.

Accompanying the above expansion, our current HDTDM bus (High Definition Time Domain Multiplex bus) will be doubled as well, allowing the internal board-to-board connection of up to 128 input and 128 output channels simultaneously, all these channels being able to carry 32 bit resolution audio samples.

This increase in capacity is of particular importance to larger Film/TV Production and Post-production houses whose appetite for more tracks and/or higher definition has seriously increased over the past years. On another side it will also contribute to reinforce Merging's position for DSD production and mastering applications where V5.0 will introduce a full 16 x 16 channel capable DSD mixer.

Additional features of V5.0 will see the introduction of a new 'Tape mode' recording feature allowing considerable time savings in typical dubbing and multi-track applications.

In short, V5.0 is expected to future proof Pyramix as the choice platform for high-track count, high resolution applications as all this increase in capacity is available to all existing Pyramix systems by virtue of a simple Firmware update to the hardware of our existing customers".

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