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Merging introduce 'OASIS' (Open Audio System Integration Solution) For integration between DAW's and digital consoles (7/7/2004)

Swiss based Merging Technologies have introduced an open protocol they call OASIS that would allow all digital console manufacturers to integrate their console's work-surfaces to any DAW system using this protocol.

It's all about choice, explains Claude Cellier, President of Merging. Feedback from the industry clearly shows us that there is a strong need for tighter integration between different manufacturers' digital consoles and DAW systems and that such integration should be based on a world-wide Open protocol. It would then allow customers to select their preferred equipment based on what best suits their needs, without being locked into a proprietary, closed, single manufacturer solution.

For both console and DAW manufacturers, we feel OASIS represents the answer to the increasing demands from users asking for a seamless control of their workstations from the user interface of their choice through a responsive and easy to deploy LAN, based on proven and cost-efficient Ethernet. The additional advantage of an Ethernet-based protocol is that it allows the same network to also be used for multi-machine transport control and facility-wide time code synchronisation. OASIS in that sense takes interoperability one step further and will co-exist with our existing layer of transport communication called VT (Virtual Transport) on a unified connectivity medium, which we will also be offering to the console and DAW manufacturers as a separate OEM integration.

To give just one real-life situation example, using OASIS to connect a 56 channel Pyramix to a digital console will allow the engineer to either integrate the system as a 56 channel I/O multi-track player/recorder, or dubber, with access to all the editing and processing functionality, or configure the internal mixer as a 56 into stereo, surround or even up to 8 surround stems and send these pre-mixes into the console as part of the main mix. He can then switch between the DAW mixing layer and the main mix on the console retaining control over the pre-mixed channels discretely. With two or three Pyramix systems connected, as in a film dubbing environment, this allows for virtual, none destructive, pre-mixes and any changes to the pre-mix can be made instantly simply by switching to the relevant layer".

We are talking with many of the industries leading consoles manufacturers about OASIS and we are very pleased to announce that Harrison Consoles and DigiCo Soundtracs have already committed to adopting OASIS and that other console manufacturers are soon to follow.

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