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SpectSoft announces release of RaveHD software-and-boardset for Linux (8/7/2004)

SpectSoft, LLC today announced that the popular RaveHD system used in major motion pictures like "Starship Troopers 2", is now available in a software-and-videocard only version. This joins the complete turnkey systems which SpectSoft has offered in the past and has installed in facilities like the famed Tippett Studios. "Allowing customers total flexability was the ultimate goal," commented Ramona Howard, Marketing & Sales Director for SpectSoft. "The RaveHD software/card combo sells for under $8,000 ($US) and we provide a list of certified components on the SpectSoft website, we can't get much more flexable than that."

Using AJA's new I/O card which supports SD/HD & DL on the same board, RaveHD supports a whole gammut of video formats that has made this combination a very serious contender in the DDR market. End-users are now able to build up DDR-based systems and/or install the software on existing systems to reduce the cost. Previous DDR-based systems have cost $100,000 ($US) or more. SpectSoft is breaking new ground by releasing a full-featured software package that rivals these pricier systems as well as providing the client access to the source code.

RaveHD is a second generation, open source, Linux based, hybrid digital disk drive recorder and video editor geared toward the high-end film and graphics industries. It utilizes open standards and protocols to achieve a product that is elegant, easy to integrate and totally customizable. It features a data agnostic core that allows it to work with today's uncompressed standard and high definition video as well as tomorrow's super-high datarate video.

With features like frame oriented, standard file system storage and centralized database asset tracking, RaveHD is the first DDR to really focus on the problems faced in working with film. Other features like RP188 (embedded timecode), Varicam support, realtime color correction, programmable cadence (2:3, 3:2:3, 2:3:3:2, etc), and RS422 machine control are standard as well.

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