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LMA Announces New Pricing For L-Server HD System (13/7/2004)

LINUX MEDIA ARTS, INC. has announced that the L-SERVER, the first 64-bit Linux DDR is now available as a turnkey Digital Disk Recording system for a list price of $8,995.00. This is a groundbreaking price and the first time HD DDR's have been priced well under the typical $30,000 mark for similar systems. The LServer system employs AMD Dual Opteron 64-Bit technology, Dual-DDR memory, 1 Terabyte of Storage and a full-featured AJA(r) HD capture/playback card in a LMA mini-tower or 3U LMA rack-mountable configuration. The system also features 8-Channel Embedded AES/EBU audio. L-Server, developed by professional Hollywood engineers, is a state of the art system with all of the disk management features any professional studio can utilize. LMA 64-Bit technology gives you much better capability to manage much larger frames, more efficiently that the typical 32-bit systems on the market. LMA engineers have over 50 years of combined experiences working in movie and television studios, developing systems and managing productions.

L-Server(tm) is extremely functional and designed for ease of use in all conditions, whether in a studio or in the field. L-Server(tm) captures raw uncompressed video on the fly, without a cumbersome set-up from your VTR or HD Camera. With L-Server, you merely push a button and choose to capture 1080p, 1080I, or 720p. The system is so stable there will be no frame loss when switching between formats. The operator can drag and drop clips from the shot list into the EDL window, push play, and see your clip on the output screen. The L-Server(tm) open architecture is plug-in ready. You can use provided L-Server(tm) plug-ins and also build your own plug-ins for L-Server(tm). The L-Server(tm) software Development Kit (SDK) enables the developer to build plug-ins, codecs, and special effects. These effects can be dropped right on to the LServer (tm) video track timeline, providing you the freedom to experiment in a live environment. The result is displayed in real time and can be rendered in multiple supported file formats. L-Server's Serial RS232/422 control ports with Sony(r) protocol for external deck control are easy to use and tested. Frames can be accessed via network connection for digital effects or computer graphics. The L-Server(tm) is designed so that the operator can drop frames anywhere in the timeline, one-by-one or by the bunch. The operator can control the L-Server and/or remote tape deck from a simple software control panel or remotely, from a HTML browser. The GUI gives you the shot file system, burn-in control, 2D color matrix, Gamma, time code, and burn-in graticules. L-Server(tm) has options for 2K file management, MXF wrapping of video files, CINELERRA HD video editing and composting, ENSANTRA(r) cross-platform support, 9-pin control. The LMA L-Server(tm) also has a portable set-up, perfect for field capture. You can also add a NVIDIA(r) Quadro FX4000 for 3D HD-SDI output.

The L-Server's design gives studios more direct and remote control over shot management, capture and network transfer capabilities. The L-Server(tm) provides a direct process to extract, update or replace any frame or frame series from a sequence. Pick any frame from the clip, edit it, and drop-it right back in to the sequence without changing the sequence whatsoever. L-Server(tm) was designed easy by Award Winning Hollywood engineers with many years of experience working on real studio systems and on major motion pictures. L-Server(tm) can capture directly from all HD VTR's and such HD cameras as Panasonic Varicam(r), Thomson ViperFilmStream(r), and Sony CineAlta(r).

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