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United Media Releases Multicam Software for Premiere Pro (14/7/2004)

United Media's is pleased to announce the release of Multicam Software for Premiere Pro. Multicam now supports Premiere Pro and 1.5.

Multicam is the only software of its kind, and allows you to play, scrub, view and edit between 2-4 cameras simultaneously and cut LIVE in REALTIME between them. It is a must for anyone doing multiple-camera work and it will save you hours and hours in post-production time.

With the release of Multicam for Premiere Pro we have new model numbers available. Both models support Matrox RTX/100 Xtreme Pro, Canopus and Standard Firewire OHCI cards.

* MC2-PRO Multicam 2-camera, $299 USD List Price
* MC4-PRO Multicam 4-camera, $599 USD List Price

For existing Multicam customers, please contact United Media directly to upgrade. The cost to upgrade Multicam to Premeire Pro support is $75.00 USD, and you must be a registered Multicam user. Some customers are eligible for a free upgrade and must be registered with proof of purchase.

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