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Edirol UA-25 Feature-Loaded USB-bus Powered Audio and MIDI Interface (14/7/2004)

Edirol is very pleased to announce its new compact USB Audio and MIDI interface. The UA-25 offers today's mobile computer musician and audio engineer very low latency operation, professional audio performance and a wide range of features, in a compact and durable USB buss powered unit.

The key features of the UA-25 are:

Attractive metal casing, which also makes the UA-25 both portable and durable.

Professional Audio quality, with a wide range of in and output connectors. Phantom powered mic preamps on TRS/XLR combo jack inputs. Digital In for digital CD, synths, FX, DAT and Mini Disc Outputs include RCA (phono) and TRS Balanced outputs for maximum flexibility. A Hi-Z switch helps bring a guitar or bass in without the need for a direct box. To add quality to this flexibility, the UA-20 offers balanced +4 dBu inputs & outputs.

As you would expect from such a product, the UA-25 includes a Direct Monitoring zero latency switch to allow the user to hear the recording in real time, plus users can enjoy a "MONO" setting switch to hear phasing issues or monitor a single source through both channels of headphones easily.

MIDI in and out, features FPT, for better MIDI timing in more critical situations.

One of the surprising features for such a product at this price range is the "Limiter" function which optionally adds mild compression to the analogue audio inputs. This reduces the likelihood of clipping and makes the UA-25 the best audio interface for remote recording where a clean audio recording is a must and a second take is not an option. The UA-25 has a unique low-noise, wide-range power supply which allows the UA-25 to realize a higher quality than ever before in a USB-powered audio interface.

As always, Edirol has paid particular attention in crafting powerful, stable, low-latency audio drivers for the UA-25 on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Included is direct support for ASIO2.0, WDM, Core Audio, and OS native drivers.

Suggested retail price is 169 incl VAT.

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