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Digital Voodoo Introduces SD|Flex for Final Cut Pro HD on the Macintosh (16/7/2004)

Digital Voodoo today introduced and announced the immediate availability of its SD | Flex video card, which is compatible with Panther OSX, Final Cut Pro HD and the G5 series of workstations.

SD | Flex has 10 bit uncompressed single link SD SDI, component (YUV), S-Video and composite input and dual link SD SDI, component (YUV/RGB), S-Video and composite output. SD | Flex provides a 10 bit conversion from either YUV component, S-Video or composite analog inputs to SD SDI video, and a 10 bit conversion from SD SDI video to various combinations of YUV component, RGB component,

S-Video and composite analog. SD | Flex supports 6 channels of AES/EBU digital audio input and output with in built sample rate converters.

The SD | Flex supports Final Cut Pro HD's RT Extreme architecture, enabling seamless real-time playback of effects such as 3 way color correction, additive dissolves and cross dissolves eliminating the need to render. SD | Flex also supports Photo-JPEG capture and playback for offline editing.

The SD | Flex is compatible with Panther OSX, QuickTime 6.5.1 and the latest range of G5 workstations from Apple. The SD | Flex will support any Apple QuickTime compatible application such as Shake, Combustion 3, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

The SD | Flex supports desktop preview allowing the SD-SDI monitor to function as a second desktop enabling digital artists to view content on a broadcast monitor.

SD | Flex comes with a stable, broadcast quality genlocking circuit design, ensuring an output which meets the most stringent of broadcast jitter requirements.

Craige Mott, Managing Director of Digital Voodoo says, "SD | Flex is a flexible ingestion solution for capturing any range of video signals from analog VHS to SDI 4:2:2. The SD | Flex provides a unique solution for digitizing analog video content to 10 bit SD SDI using true 10 bit analog conversion on a single PCI video card. Coupled with Final Cut Pro HD's RT Extreme architecture, it is a powerful solution for Beta SP users wanting to move to SDI."

SD | Flex is immediately available from Digital Voodoo resellers worldwide and retail for $US2,495.

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