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Ciprico Introduces DiMeda 10G 10 Gigabit Ethernet Compatible NAS Storage System (26/7/2004)

Ciprico Inc. (NASDAQ: CPCI), the industry leader in high-bandwidth solutions, along with Sony announced a revolutionary step to address the growing need for affordable, high-performance, networked-attached shared storage systems for rich media production, distribution and other applications with high-speed requirements.

The 10G, which is the third generation of the DiMeda family of NAS solutions is the fastest NAS device ever released. It uses 10 Gigabit Ethernet to distribute shared files with client workstations at speeds exceeding 3000 Mbits per second. This means that customers who require high-bandwidth performance, but want ease of installation, can now use an Ethernet network to get application performance that previously would have required a Fibre Channel SAN.

Sony is using the DiMeda 10G at DV Expo for collaborative high-definition video editing. Dave Chaimson, Vice President of Marketing for Sony Pictures Digital Networks, the developers of Vegas 5 software states, "Our customers are moving quickly toward collaborative, multi-user environments for creating cutting-edge HDTV content using the PC platform. The Ciprico DiMeda 10G NAS is a great fit, combining performance with affordable Ethernet networking."

Leigh Herman, Sony Electronics Software Product Manager, adds, "As a resolution-independent, format-agnostic application, Vegas 5 software can mix SD and HD content on the same timeline, and output to a wide variety of delivery formats. The tremendous throughput of the Ciprico DiMeda 10G NAS offers Vegas 5 networked users an incredibly efficient workflow, with the ability to share files ranging from DVCAM(tm) to uncompressed SD to 1080 24P HD formats."

Ciprico CEO James Hansen said, "We are honored to work with Sony to continue the Ciprico legacy of performance and reliability in storage solutions that enable our partners' hardware and applications software to delight their customers with a world-class HDTV editing solution at a lower cost of ownership."

The DiMeda 10G will be generally available in fall 2004.

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