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HD Super Slow-Motion Arrives With Ikegami HDL-40HS Camera (29/7/2004)

Full resolution super slow-motion for HDTV is now a reality with the introduction of the new Ikegami HDL-40HS compact one-piece camera. Equipped with Ikegami's CMOS sensors, the HDL-40HS brings uncompromising super slow-motion capabilities to all HD productions.

"Super SloMo has been one of the links to full-fledged sports production that was previously unavailable in HD," says Alan Keil, Vice President and Director of Engineering for Ikegami. "The HDL-40HS fulfills that requirement with all the benefits of Ikegami's superb imagery and advanced digital systems. Now high-profile HD events, such as the next Super Bowl, can be produced entirely in HD, including all Super SloMo."

The Ikegami HDL-40HS employs the image processing power of Ikegami's full resolution CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors, operating at 120 frames per second capture rate, and sampling at 1280 x 720. 720/120p via dual link HD SDI supplies the high frame rate needed, sending it to the server for slow-motion replay, while standard 720p out is available for live use the HDL-40HS can also operate at 1080/60P.

Precision HDTV SloMo is achieved in conjunction with the HD LSM-XT server from EVS. "With their exceptional picture quality, Ikegami cameras are ideal for the demands of Super SloMo," says Frederic Garroy, General Manager/Americas for EVS. "HD super motion clips can be transferred swiftly across the SDTI SportNet to the HD XT machine set aside for highlights editing."

In addition to sports production, the Ikegami HDL-40HS excels in industrial and government applications that require motion analysis and high speed in a self-contained box-style camera.

"The HDL-40HS puts the incredible detail and drama of HD Super SloMo in a compact package with high-quality imagery only Ikegami can offer," Mr. Keil concludes. "This camera underscores our commitment to offering the full range of systems for HD production."

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