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Doremi Advance D-Cine And HD At IBC (5/8/2004)

Doremi is an innovative leading manufacturer of video servers and disk recorders for SD, HD and D-Cine. It also makes DVI converters, codecs, automation software and test signal generators to make up more of the whole solution. At IBC2004 all these product lines are expanded especially to address the needs of HD D-Cine, as well as SD.

New HD/D-Cine servers and Players

At the top end of the range there is now strong support for HD and Cine applications. The V1-HD server is capable of simultaneous record and play, working with standards including all HD and SD as well as 2K. It uses a new Doremi JPEG2000 DCI-compliant codec to provide near-lossless 4:4:4 quality at 10 or 12-bit resolution, and has dual link connections. Where absolute quality is needed, such as in post or digital cinematography the V1-UHDv2 server/recorder offers resolutions up to uncompressed 4:4:4, 10 or 12-bit resolution, again with dual link.

For replay only, Nugget is a cost-effective compact (1RU) SD and HD 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 MPEG-2 player with a DVI output for direct connection to projectors and computer screens. Moving up, the Nugget-Pro adds HD-SDI outputs, genlock and LTC. It is also upgradeable to JPEG2000. The DVPEG2 VGP is a new high-end cost-effective MPEG-2 video player that includes graphic overlay facilities for dynamic displays.

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