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ADS Tech Launches PYRO Professional MPEG Edition (5/8/2004)

Includes Full Versions of Adobe Audio/Video Software and MPEG Pro to Eliminate Unnecessary Transcoding

ADS Tech announced today PYRO Professional MPEG Edition, the industry's most complete hardware/software solution for real time capturing, editing and exporting of High Definition (HD), analog and digital video. Bundled with more than $1,800 worth of professional-level software, PYRO Professional MPEG Edition has an expected street price of $799-an exceptional value. In addition to including PYRO A/V Link, ADS Tech's 1394/Firewire-based universal Digital Video (DV) format converter; PYRO Professional MPEG Edition comes with the full versions of Adobe Premiere(r) Pro, Adobe Encore(tm) DVD and Adobe Audition. MainConcept's MPEG Pro editing plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro is also included. The new device is ideal for corporate video producers, event videographers, educators, and dedicated hobbyists that are planning to enter the HD video arena but want the time-saving features of editing MPEG videos with Premiere and MPEG Pro now.

By bundling the leading Adobe video and audio products with PYRO Professional MPEG Edition, ADS Tech delivers a powerful combination of real-time hardware and software products. Users can create compelling videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and can enhance them with the advanced audio mixing, editing, and effects processing capabilities available with Adobe Audition. With Adobe Encore, users can even add sophisticated multi-language features to DVDs.

The MPEG Pro plug-in included with PYRO Professional MPEG Edition adds native MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and High-Definition Video capturing, editing and exporting capabilities to Adobe Premiere Pro without having to transcode the video to another format. Using smart rendering and requantizing eliminates unnecessary transcoding which can result in quality loss and lost productivity.

Equipped with Composite, S-Video and Component connectors, PYRO Professional MPEG Edition can also be used to capture video from analog sources such as an 8mm camcorder, a VCR, or a TV; and from digital devices such as DV camcorders and DV cameras. These capabilities can be leveraged to enable mixing older analog video content with new DV content or to transfer old videos to a digital format for DVD creation and archiving. Captured video and edited videos can be output to analog or digital sources for burning to a VCD, SVCD, or DVD disc, recording to a VHS tape or published on the Internet.

Pricing, Availability

PYRO Professional MPEG Edition will be available August 2004 through DV dealers and distributors such as Broadfield, B & H Photo, Micro-Pace, Ingram Micro, D & H Distributing, The Video Guys, Safe Harbor, J & R Computer World, and other major retailers, and e-tailers. The expected street price is $799.

PYRO Professional MPEG Edition includes the PYRO A/V Link external device, a 6-ft. composite analog and video cable, a 6-ft. S-Video cable, two 1394 cables, and a power supply, Main Concept's MPEG Pro plug in for Adobe Premiere Pro plus the full retail versions of Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows XP, Audition and Encore DVD as well as complete user manuals and training CDs.

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