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New from Focal Press: The Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book (10/8/2004)

Compiled by leading international experts, this authoritative reference work covers every aspect of broadcast technology from camera to transmitter - encompassing subjects from analogue techniques to the latest digital compression and interactive technologies in a single source.

Written with a minimum of maths, the book provides detailed coverage and quick access to key technologies, standards and practices, with more than 1200 tables, charts and photographs. This global work will become your number one resource whether you are from an audio, video, communications or computing background. Composed for the industry professional, practicing engineer, technician or sales person looking for a guide that covers the broad landscape of television technology in one handy source, the Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book offers comprehensive and accurate technical information.

CONTENTS: Engineering Basics; Broadcast Supporting Technologies; Broadcast Baseband Formats and Standards; Transmission Formats and Standards; Broadcast Hardware; Studio and Production Systems and Hardware; Outside Broadcast; Transmitter Systems and Hardware; Appendices.

May 2004 : ISBN 0240519086 : hardback : 191 X 235 mm : 1034 pages : 100.00

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