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Matrox certifies nNovia QuickCapture 'direct-to-disk' portable digital video recorders for use with Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro (12/8/2004)

Matrox Video Products Group today announced the completion of compatibility testing and certification of the nNovia QuickCapture family of products for use with the Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro and RT.X10 Suite realtime video editing platforms. QuickCapture and QuickCapture A2D are designed for ENG and professional videographers to record "Edit-Ready" clips directly to an internal hard disk from any DV or analog camcorder, thus eliminating the "capture" step typical in nonlinear editing workflow.

"The combination of one of the QuickCapture products and RT.X100 Xtreme Pro saves time and money," said Stephen Albanese, Matrox senior product manager. "Video files are instantly available in the native Matrox AVI format. The user simply connects either QuickCapture or QuickCapture A2D to their RT.X100 Xtreme Pro via 1394 cable, then drags drops the content into their Adobe Premiere Pro timeline to begin editing."

Key features of nNovia QuickCapture QuickCapture A2D

Instant "Edit-Ready" video files (i.e. AVI Type-2 Matrox)
Compatible with all popular DV camcorders
Compatible with all popular analog camcorders (QuickCapture A2D only)
IEEE-1394 DV input/output
Composite and Y/C input/output (QuickCapture A2D only)
Bi-Direction media converter (QuickCapture A2D only)
Up to 6 hours of continuous recording using an 80 GB HDD
Organizes content as you record
Seamless VTR HDD emulation
Compact and lightweight
Operates with either battery or A/C adapter

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