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Strategic Cooperation between MacroSystem and MainConcept - Casablanca Solitaire now features MainConcept Codecs (12/8/2004)

MacroSystem Digital Video AG, the worldwide leading company of standalone video editing systems, and the Aachen video codec developer MainConcept AG announce a new business alliance today.

Until now, the company form Wetter has used only hardware codecs, but now for the first time, MacroSystem has integrated a software codec from MainConcept in their new "top-of-the-line" video editing system Casablanca Solitaire.

Due to the high processor speed of Casablanca Solitaire and a combination of hardware as well as software codecs, this integration is a perfect solution for the new product. By implementing the new "SMART RENDERING" technology - developed by MacroSystem - for the automatic background calculation of effects, Casablanca Solitaire offers the utmost in performance for editing video footage.

Furthermore, Casablanca Solitaire hardware requirements are prepared for the new high-definition video format, HDTV. When processing HDTV video footage, MacroSystem will use the MainConcept Codec as well.

"After analyzing all competitors, the technical know-how of MainConcept convinced us. Moreover, the regional closeness of the company's headquarters offers significant advantages for the expansion of the cooperation," Joerg Sprave, CEO at MacroSystem Digital Video AG, said in his statement.

"We are proud to have found another popular partner with MacroSystem," said Markus Moenig, CEO and founder of MainConcept AG. "Our cooperation combines DV and MPEG encoding in impressive quality with the performance and usability of a successful video editing solution."

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