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Omneon Launches Omneon Spectrum HD at IBC2004 (16/8/2004)

Omneon Spectrum HD

Continuing to deliver on an HD roadmap laid out at NAB2004, Omneon will unveil at IBC2004 a new HD media server configuration, the Omneon Spectrum HD. This new server delivers integrated native playback of HD MPEG media. The Omneon Spectrum HD includes two new media interface adapters: the MultiPort 4000 Series for one or two channels of HD MPEG playback and the MediaPort 4010 for material acquisition. These new interface units further extend the HD capabilities of the Omneon Spectrum media server product line and provide broadcasters with a media server solution that can simultaneously store and play back both SD and HD content. In addition, any existing Omneon system can be upgraded -- without disrupting operations -- to an Omneon Spectrum HD through the simple addition of these new interface units.

MultiPort 4000 Series

The MultiPort 4000 Series is a new family of HD MPEG decoders for playback of HD material ingested into an Omneon Spectrum media server. The MultiPort 4001 provides a single channel of HD playback. The MultiPort 4002 provides for two independent channels of HD playback in either 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 profiles. Each MultiPort 4000 Series device includes outputs for HD-SDI video, audio, timecode, and control.

MediaPort 4010

Along with the new MultiPort 4000 Series for HD playback, Omneon is introducing a new MediaPort for HD material acquisition. The new MediaPort 4010 accepts an incoming ASI-based transport stream and demuxes it into HD MPEG essence material. By utilizing this new MediaPort, broadcasters can use the HD encoder of their choice to ingest HD MPEG material while using the integrated HD playback capability provided by the MultiPort 4000 Series for direct playback.

HD in Any Format

In addition to the integrated HD capabilities available with its new HD interface devices, Omneon also has recently introduced enhancements to its SDTI media interface adapter, the MediaPort 1002, to enable support for Panasonic's compressed HD format, DVCPRO-HD. With this new capability, the Omneon Spectrum system becomes the first media server capable of supporting all leading HD formats simultaneously, including HD MPEG, HDCAM, and DVCPRO-HD. Incorporating Omneon's Smart Scalability, the Omneon Spectrum allows broadcasters to deploy a server infrastructure for HD and SD playback today and gain the flexibility to add channels or services at any point in the future. The complete investment protection delivered by the Omneon Spectrum media server enables current Omneon customers to add new HD services, including DVCPRO-HD, to their existing media server implementations easily and cost-effectively.

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