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Leader to introduce ultra-compact HD/SD waveform and picture monitor at IBC 2004 (16/8/2004)

Leader LV5750 ultra-compact SD-SDI/HD-SDI monitor

High-quality multi-standard SD-SDI/HD-SDI waveform-monitor offering most of the features available in the LV5700A. Ideal for HD/SD field operation, OB-vans or flight cases, it enables camera crews and directors to make accurate adjustments of colour balance while shooting instead of losing time and money in extensive post-production colour-correction. LV5750 features include DC-power, tripod attachment, embedded-audio headphone output, high-quality 6.5 inch XGA (1024x768) TFT LCD screen, extensive error detection for SDI signal monitoring, individual or four-in-one multiple display of waveform, vectorscope, picture, status and embedded audio Twenty video formats are supported, including 1080i, 720p, 525i/59.94 and 625i/50. Options available for the LV5750 include remote control, ethernet, viewing-hood, front cover and monitor trunk.

Leader LV5700 SD-SDI/HD-SDI monitor

Leader's LV5700 can handle a wide range of HD-SDI video formats and both SD-SDI systems. Its analytical capabilities include transmission error detection, gamut error detection, data dump display and voice control packet analysis. Video sampling rate can be switched automatically between 74.25 and 74.25/1.001 MHz in HD mode or to 13.5 MHz SD.

An optional Eye Pattern Module offers selectable display modes that encompass eye patterns, jitter and jitter-plus-histogram.

Leader's unique and patented equivalent-cable-length measurement system is a standard feature of all LV5700 instruments.

Introduced at IBC 2003 in Amsterdam, the LV5700A variant incorporates additional analogue NTSC/PAL composite and 525/625 component I/O. Two composite inputs and one switched output are provided. When operated in component mode, the LV5700A can display Y/Pb/Pr levels as RGB. Analogue monitoring functions include picture, waveform and vector displays. The LV5700A has the same compact 215 x 133 x 448 mm WHD dimensions as the LV5700.

When linked to Leader's award-winning FS3018 Lighting Monitor via a wireless PDA, the LV5700A allows remote viewing of digitally-sourced picture, waveform, colour vectors and status data. Any spot on the picture can be selected via the PDA's cursor controls for numeric analysis of percentage YRGB colour component levels.

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