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Eyeheight's New HD Products at IBC 2004 (16/8/2004)

Eyeheight's expanding range of compact and cost-efficient HD and SD digital television equipment will be exhibited on stand 2.339, IBC 2004, Amsterdam, September 10-14.

Eyeheight legalEyesHD legaliser

Scheduled for introduction at IBC 2004 in Amsterdam, Eyeheight's new legalEyesHD is a compact HD-SDI video legaliser designed for use in mobile production vehicles, post-production facilities and broadcast centres. Using full 10-bit processing, it enables programme-makers, editors and playout facilities to ensure that their videotape master feed is within the levels set for the target delivery chain or transmitter.

Occupying just 1 U high by half rack width, legalEyesHD has adjustable hard ("clobbering") and soft clipping levels, independently controllable luma gain, chroma gain and black level and eight power-protected user memories. In addition to the 1.5 gigabit/s HD-SDI legalised signal output, an optional Indicate- Legal feed shows the degree of overshoot control, where necessary, being applied to the signal with user-assignable indication colours for each of the three (RGB) component channels. A 19 inch rack-width version is optionally available. Eyeheight Managing Director Martin Moore comments: "Investment in HD resources had grown rapidly over the past year as programme-makers increasingly seek to maximumise the archive life of their productions. legalEyesHD brings the key features of the popular SD legalEyes into the HD market."

Based on Eyeheight's new geNETics evolutionDT platform, legalEyesHD employs user-upgradable software and firmware to ensure conformity with emerging signal delivery standards.

Eyeheight irisHD vision mixer

A new addition to Eyeheight's range of cost-efficient HD production and postproduction equipment, irisHD is a multi-role high definition vision mixer with an exceptionally compact 1U footprint. irisHD can switch between up to eight HD-SDI inputs under local control or via a standard iris control panel.

Incoming video feeds are switched via an 8 x 4 crosspoint router and a dual input cut/mix/wipe unit with manual or user- controllable automatic wipe transitions, adjustable edges and variable-speed auto transitions. Settings can be stored in power- protected user memories. A safe area generator is integrated with the preview output, enabling 4:3 shoot-to-protect aspect ratio conformity when originating in 16:9. irisHD has a total of four HD- SDI outputs (programme, preset, auxiliary 1 and auxiliary 2. irisHD is designed for easy rack or cabinet mounting. It can be operated standalone or via an Eyeheight FP-10 control panel with VP-10 T-bar and TK-10 switching module.

Eyeheight's safeEyesHD safe-area generator

Continuing Eyeheight's strategy of lowering the cost of HDTV origination and post-production, the new safeEyesHD high- definition safe-area generator provides guide markers for all common television and film formats. Safe-action and safe-caption areas are clearly shown by the use of cursor lines, user-selectable shading or black areas. The selected safe-area markers are placed onto the HDTV video feed which can then be viewed on a monitor display. This allows programme originators and telecine transfer houses to ensure that the essential elements of a high-definition widescreen picture are within the safe areas to maintain good visibility on a 16:9 screen.

safeEyesHD generates all commonly used guidelines, including safe-action and safe-title areas; centre markers (short and full screen); moveable horizontal and vertical cursors; co-ordinates indication; variable aspect ratio box; and edge blanking lines (analogue and digital). Preset aspect ratios can be switch-selected within safeEyesHD for all common television and film formats. Dynamic Cursor Visibility (DCV) is used to keep all guide lines visible for black to white backgrounds. Variable top and bottom film blanking is provided with choice of opacity (line, black or semi-transparent). A text height measurement system is also incorporated.

safeEyesHD supports 24, 25 and 30 Hz standards, interlaced, progressive and split frame, to SMPTE-274. These include 1080i/50, 1080i/60, 1080i/59.94, 1080p/24 and 1080p/23.98. The down- converted transmission output from safeEyesHD is fully compatible with the output from Eyeheight's standard-definition SA-1 SDI cage. Up to six safe-area generator channels can be accommodated in a 1 U Maxi-Box or Flexi-Box enclosure.

Eyeheight vistaHD vision mixer

Continuing its strategy of reducing high definition television production costs, Eyeheight announces the vistaHD ultra-compact vision mixer at one third the price of comparable existing designs. vistaHD supports 24, 25 and 30 Hz frame rates (interlaced, progressive scan and split-frame) to SMPTE-272 specification. This includes 1080i/50, 1080i/60, 1080i/59.94, 1080p/24 and 1080p/23.98 standards.

The compact size (up to four systems in a single 1U chassis) and very cost-efficient pricing make the mixer ideal for use in mobile HDTV acquisition vehicles and postproduction facilities where space is at a premium. vistaHD can be linked directly to an automation network or operated from a local or remote Eyeheight Maxi-Panel. Full 10 bit mixing of vistaHD's A and B 1.5 Gbit/s HD-SDI inputs can be performed with programmable mix times and automatic or manual transitions. A wide choice of wipes includes horizontal, vertical and diamond with user-definable edge softness. Non sync indication and relative input timing display are provided along with automation control and four memories to store all user settings. vistaHD incorporates an input synchroniser, alpha mixer and wipe generator and handles both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. A desktop control panel with optional VP-10 video T-bar is available.

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