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Courtyard Re-defines The SPG (17/8/2004)

At IBC2004 Courtyard Electronics is introducing a new-generation master sync pulse and test signal generator. The CY490 is an entirely new design that provides all the features needed to meet the modern requirements of high definition as well as standard definition television. An astute awareness of customer needs coupled with unrivalled in-the-field experience and leading-edge technology means that Courtyard is again re-defining the SPG. The result is a new level of capability in a compact enclosure and at a very competitive price for both SD and HD users.

The CY490 supersedes the popular and highly regarded CY430 that has become a world standard for SPGs ÷ not least for its extreme stability and long in-service life. Once again Courtyard has bundled a unique range of relevant features into a 1RU box. Or, for those with little room, such as OBs, the half-width version is available soon.

Producing the CY490 has called on a wide range of CourtyardÔs experience resulting in several firsts for SPGs. Beyond the exceptional master SPG design, the CY490 includes character generation and graphics handling along with a full set of video reference signals, from colour black to HD tri-level sync, timecode, test patterns and audio signals ÷ over all television standards. The inclusion of timecode generation not only automatically provides a sync locked TC output, but also saves the money and space needed for a separate box. Courtyard introduced the world to the rolling text ident that is recognised today as a must-have for confidence of the continuity of uplink feeds. This is now enhanced with the ability to modify the text, either locally or remotely, and to display it in any language. Uniquely, a full colour logo can be superimposed on the test pattern output, independently or in addition to the text ident. Using a simple process, the logo is imported as a standard 32-bit Targa file, allowing users to brand their SPG output as required.

The CY490 is fully switchable between PAL and NTSC, 625 and 525 and offers the most complete selection of reference signals for all standards including HD. A full range of analogue and SDI/HD-SDI video test signals for both SD (16:9/4:3 NTSC and PAL) and HD (all flavours) are provided including circle generation. For audio, there is analogue tone, AES tone, silence, embedded tone and silence and word clock.

Customers who may not initially need advanced features (like HD test patterns) can choose the elements they need and upgrade at a later date as their requirements change. This means that they are able to buy a future proof unit at the right price.

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