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Aurora Video Systems Introduces PipeStudio (26/8/2004)

Aurora Video Systems today announced that shipments will begin this week for the new PipeStudio video capture and editing solution designed for professionals working in an uncompressed video environment. Priced at an affordable $1999 USD, PipeStudio works seamlessly with the RT Extreme capabilities within Final Cut Pro and provides a wide variety of audio and 10-bit video I/O options through an included break-out box (BOB). Like all Aurora products, PipeStudio is built on the company's years of experience developing technology engineered exclusively for Macintosh(r) systems and QuickTime(r) applications.

"We've designed PipeStudio to support all of the audio and video formats our customers are requesting," stated Aurora Video Systems CEO Darryl Hock. "This includes 10-bit composite video, 10-bit S-video, 10-bit component video, 10-bit SDI and DV, as well as balanced and unbalanced analog and digital audio, including SDI embedded audio. Whatever format you're working with, PipeStudio can support it with the speed and quality you need."

One of PipeStudio's unique features is the ability to control the BOB from outside of Final Cut Pro through a new software application that is included with the product. Using this program, PipeStudio can act as a standalone real-time converter box.

PipeStudio continues Aurora's tradition of connecting to most audio and video devices to offer a greater level of creativity and flexibility than ever before available in this price range. The new PipeStudio allows users to use more video layers and effects through RT Extreme while improving the video quality compared to competing systems. The included RS-422 serial port makes it easy for PipeStudio users to control their video decks during the capturing and recording processes. A genlock input is provided for synchronization to studio equipment.

Like Aurora's PipeHD product, PipeStudio supports two channels of 24-bit, 48-kHz analog audio for monitoring purposes, plus four channels of high-quality 48-kHz SPDIF (AES/EBU-compatible) digital audio I/O.

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