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Fostex Announces New DV824 DVD Multitrack Recorder (26/8/2004)

The next generation of standalone multitrack recorders is here, and provides supreme quality 8-track recording to standard-size DVD-RAM discs in a unique package representing the very forefront of multitrack recorder design.But, then again, you would expect nothing less from Fostex.

Market Leaders

Starting with the 8-track D80 almost 10 years ago and continuing with today's acclaimed 24-track D2424LV, Fostex have been driving the standalone HD-based multitrack market forward through innovation and refinement. Now, with the experienced gained in implementing state-of-the-art DVD-RAM recording technology into the revolutionary DV40 Master Recorder and industry standard PD-6 DVD Location Recorder, Fostex present the new DV824 DVD-RAM based multitrack.

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