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DNF Controls' Slow Motion Controller for Sony DSR DR1000 Hard-Disk Recorder Makes European Debut at IBC2004 (30/8/2004)

DNF Controls today announced that its ST304-DSR1K-T Slow Motion Controller will make its European debut at the IBC2004 exhibition in Amsterdam this fall. The ST304-DSR1K-T is based upon DNF's popular ST300 Slow Motion Controller platform and was developed to provide control over the Sony DSR DR1000 DVCAM stream-based hard-disk recorder, providing simultaneous record and playback for demanding live sports and entertainment broadcasts.

Like DNF's ST300-DSR1K-T, the ST304-DSR1K-T takes advantage of Sony's DSR-DR1000's hard-disk technology for instant access and simultaneous record and playback functionality. This pairing provides operators with fast, easy, and reliable VTR-like control that allows them to mark cue points on the fly and play back video instantly without disrupting the record process. DNF's solution also offers DSR-DR1000 users a T-bar for fast, simple, and smooth slow motion instant replay and single-keystroke cue marking for access of up to 100 cue points per DSR-DR1000. Additional features available with the ST304-DSR1K-T include a four-line display and the ability to create, save, and recall clips.

"IBC2004 attendees will get a firsthand look at the Sony/DNF sports bundle," said Dan Fogel, president of DNF Controls. "It's an excellent performer that makes professional sports broadcasting available to a much wider market. Together, the ST304-DSR1K-T and Sony DSR-DR1000 provide a powerful, simple package for broadcast sports production."

When implemented with two DSR-DR1000 hard-disk recorders, DNF's slow motion instant replay system provides up to two record and two playback channels and allows the operator to switch between them smoothly. Additionally, operators can personalize control features using the controller's set-up menu.

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