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Doremi Labs introduces the HDVI-20 SDI/DVI RGB-to-DVI converter (3/9/2004)

Doremi Labs introduces the HDVI-20 multi-format DVI converter. The HDVI-20 bridges the gap between high-resolution digital video and RGB sources and the new generation of display devices with the DVI interface.

The HDVI-20 converts SDI video and DVI-D (digital or analog RGB) to DVI. It supports all popular SDI video formats including NTSC, PAL, 720p, 1080p and 1080i. In addition, the HDVI-20 provides picture in picture display, on-screen menus, and an infrared remote to switch between its 4 input formats.

The HDVI-20 can be used in a variety of applications:

>>SDI / HD-SDI video interface for Displays and Projectors DVI is fast becoming a standard interface on LCD computer monitors, video projectors and HDTV televisions. Doremi's HDVI-20 turns these displays into SDI video monitors. DVI's pure digital format helps preserve the quality of the video.
>>DVI to DVI resolution and frame rate converter Match the DVI source's video output to the connected display. The HDVI-20 acts as a bridge between incompatible interlaced and progressive DVI formats.
>>Analog RGB to DVI converter Convert analog RGB sources to DVI and match the output frame rate and resolution to the connected display.
>>DVI, RGB, HD-SDI and SDI switcher Switch between any four inputs; DVI, analog RGB, HD-SDI & SDI with the included infrared remote.

There are no buttons or dip switches to worry about and the HDVI-10's compact size allows it to be hidden behind the display. The input scan rate is automatically detected and processed to match the connected display's resolution.

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