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Matrox Announces Matrox DSX Platforms for Next Generation Broadcast HD and SD Product Development (3/9/2004)

Matrox Video Products Group today announced the immediate availability of the Matrox DSX family of HD and SD video and audio components for OEMs and developers of high performance broadcast products. The Matrox DSX platforms exploit Matrox's "Power of X" architecture that enables OEMs and developers to leverage scalable CPU power with the explosive performance of dedicated hardware to create a wide variety of cost-effective products and applications including NLE systems, capture/playout servers, clip and still stores, graphics/production servers, automation and master control units, multi-layer compositors, and CATV barker channels.

Matrox DSX combines codec and effects technologies and a full range of professional hardware components with a comprehensive Windows XP-based SDK.

"For over 13 years Matrox has been supplying digital video solutions to OEMs and developers. The OEM component of our business represents over 50% of our sales," said Alain Legault, Matrox vice president of product development. "We currently have over 150 OEMs worldwide in four key product categories NLE, video server, CG, and clip/still store. Many already have new products based on the Matrox DSX platforms under development and we expect significant announcements to be made at the BIRTV and IBC shows in the coming weeks. In fact, the new Matrox HD platforms for ultra high performance editing with Adobe Premiere Pro are based on the Matrox DSX technology."

Key features of the Matrox DSX platforms

Modular 10-bit architecture gives developers the flexibility to meet technical and price targets
Full range of HD and SD audio and video I/Os
Simultaneous input and output of different video standards in HD and SD
Multi-format SD codec support in software DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, D10 (in an MXF file wrapper), MPEG-2, 8- and 10-bit uncompressed
Multi-format HD codec support in software MPEG-2 at online and offline bit rates, 8- and 10-bit uncompressed
Exploits CPU power to perform software effects on multiple streams in real time
Infinite layer 10-bit compositing
Professional realtime effects including color correction, chroma/luma keying, graphics overlay, smooth speed changes
GPU co-processor for realtime 3D effects
Key input and output support
Multiple board support in a single chassis
SDK based on the mature DigiSuite platform which has been used on-air by broadcasters worldwide for more than 8 years
Application development support by a team of dedicated, experienced engineers

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