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Dayang D3-Edit HD Pro9 and D3-Edit Extra based on Next Generation Matrox DSX Platform (3/9/2004)

New nonlinear editing systems exploit Matrox's "Power of X" architecture and the explosive performance of dedicated hardware to deliver high-end HD and SD editing solutions for broadcast facilities.

Matrox Video Products Group today announced that Dayang Technology Development Inc. has adopted the Matrox DSX platform for two of its new NLE products D3-Edit HD Pro9 for high-end HD editing and D3-Edit Extra for high-end SD editing. D3-Edit HD Pro9 provides HD multi-layer, multi-effects editing and finishing, compressed/non-compressed video processing, and up to 24-bit high-quality audio processing. It integrates editing, compositing, and DVD authoring to provide a stable, comprehensive HD solution for broadcasters. D3-Edit Extra features 10-bit non-compressed SD video, 24-bit audio, more than 5 layers of video playback and unlimited video composting.

"Matrox's DSX platform is perfect for CPU+GPU+IO applications," said Mr. Wei Deng, chief technical officer of Dayang Technology Development Inc. "It makes our products future-proof. As computing power increases our customers will see additional performance benefits and always have the extra edge that the Matrox hardware provides."

About Dayang D3-Edit HD Pro9

Dayang D3-Edit HD Pro9 is a state-of-the-art HD editing system designed for broadcast facilities. It features multi-layer, multi-effects editing with compressed and non-compressed video processing and up to 24-bit high quality audio processing. It incorporates Matrox DSX components including the effects board and the comprehensive audio and video breakout boxes along with powerful CPU processing to provide a comprehensive HD solution for editing, compositing, and DVD authoring in a high quality, stable system.

About Dayang D3-Edit Extra

Dayang D3-Edit Extra is a state-of-art SD post-production editing product that features 10-bit non-compressed video, 24-bit high quality audio, more than 5 layers of video playback, and unlimited video composting.

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