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Incite Strategic Integration with Omneon's Spectrum Media Server Line (8/9/2004)

Incite announces full and transparent integration in its NLE network workflow of the Omneon Spectrum Media Servers. Incite users will have the power to export sequences in real-time to Omneon Media Servers for playout and Omneon users will have the unique ability to integrate transparently the Incite NLE applications in their workflow.

Incite and Omneon offer to worldwide broadcasters an advanced digital tapeless production workflow, from capturing, logging and collaborative editing to playout. Incite is already well known for its IT network workflow, allowing simultaneous editing/logging from multiple stations around a central SAN or NAS storage, and now the export to playout into Omneon servers that many users were asking for is just one real-time click away. Broadcasters equipped with Omneon servers or planning to buy them have now the perfect choice to complete their workflow with Incite NLE applications.

A key element to complete this integration has been the ability of Incite to deliver custom solutions to their clients and offer constantly new features and capabilities to meet today's challenging broadcaster needs.

The first TV station to take advantage of this powerful workflow is RTV Noord-Holland, one of the major Dutch regional broadcasters based in Amsterdam. "The new integration of Incite and Omneon allows us to have the edited program available for broadcasting immediately after finishing the editing", says Wiljan Pongers, Head of TV facilities for RTV. "We edit in Incite Editor, then export in real-time directly to our Omneon server. This was only a dream before, as we had to print to tape and then ingest from the tape to the Omneon server. Now it takes half the time, and hassle, to have our programs ready to go on air."

Incite Editor users can export their sequences in real-time to the Omneon format or to any format supported by the Omneon server. The Incite Task Server included in our editing applications takes care of the automatic repackaging of data without any recompression and users can directly submit jobs to the Omneon servers. In addition, using Incite Media Manager M2, users can browse media on the Omneon storage device, arrange clips into a playout sequence and export to Omneon for sequential on-air transmission. If needed also import of Omneon files into Incite editing applications is possible with full compatibility.

As RTV Noord-Holland has experienced, this new workflow permits broadcasters to accelerate dramatically their production/on-air time and improve efficiency in many ways, including saving in tape costs and tape archive administration.

"The Incite-Omneon workflow is the result of our custom integration strategy, where we follow customer's directions and technology wishes in extending our workflow by supporting the most popular video servers available on the market", says Amir Rijavec, Director of Product Management at Incite. "Omneon is one of the few companies willing to follow bi-directional integration, making the system completely transparent and efficient for users. We are also very happy that we married together the AVI and QT formats with this integration".

"We are very impressed with the capabilities of the Incite Editor. The file-based integration with Omneon will provide an efficient and streamlined production workflow for Broadcasters implementing end-to-end solutions on the Omneon platform", says Alan Hoggarth, VP of Operations for Omneon in Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

The Incite/Omneon complete workflow will be shown during IBC 2004 in the Incite stand, booth 7.210, where a typical broadcaster installation will be demonstrated, logging, capturing and editing with Incite applications and exporting the finished product to an Omneon media server in real-time for playout.

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