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Pyramix V4.3 hits the ground running (8/9/2004)

Amidst acclaim for its highly successful Pyramix system, Merging Technologies has launched Pyramix V4.3 with a number of functional improvements. The latest version includes some new key features specifically designed for use in film dubbing and editing environments.

Firstly support for the AAF file interchange standard is available as an option in the new Pyramix V4.3 release software. The AAF format describes the EDL information, clip names, comments, source tracks, time codes, fade-curves, pans etc allowing any DAW or NLE supporting the format such as Protools, Quantel and the Avid Media Composer complete cross platform compatibility.

New Re-conform features, including 'Re-link To New Media' that allows, for example, a complex edited file imported from a Video editing station referencing 16 bits stereo files, to properly relink the 24 bits multi-channel original location recording media with all edits seamlessly extended to whatever number of tracks the original media was recorded to. Similarly, for multi-track source destination music editing, Pyramix can reassign a stereo edited mix of a multi-track project that can be reassigned to the original multi-track media instantly recreating the edits across all tracks. The ability to relink sessions transferred to Pyramix not only through EDL but also through OMF or AAF totally solves the sync issues that are common with CMX EDLs.

V4.3 also offers Virtual Tape Mode - a true BWF file destructive record punch-in punch-out mode. This is a key requirement by many film houses when using Pyramix in multi-track film dubbing.

Speed being of the essence in most applications, Version 4.3 boasts Quick Mount - This dramatically reduces the time taken to mount media files by creating a specific cash file of the mounted media. When opening an existing project Pyramix can now instantly mount the relevant media, either locally or through a network.

Another new enhancement for Pyramix's CD mastering allows the system to modify the CD image, eg PQ Editing, CD text, track names etc, without having to regenerate a new image vastly improving the CD Mastering process.

Finally Pyramix V4.3 now includes New GPIO Support for 'Sealevel' modules including:

SeaLINK PLC-16 USB 8206 (8 inputs, 8 outputs),
SeaLINK ISO-16 USB 8207 (16 inputs),
SeaLINK REL-16 USB 8208 (16 outputs),
All PCI boards with opto-electro inputs and Relay outputs.

Ken Barnsley, Sales and marketing Manager said "Merging have a very specific policy of listening to our customers needs and implementing feature additions and functional improvements based on their operational requirements. Pyramix 4.3 is yet another example of this and is the result of considerable dialogue between our development engineers and Pyramix users within the Film industry around the world.

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