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Canopus Announce Native Support for New Sony HDV Camcorders (8/9/2004)

Canopus Corporation, a recognised leader in professional video editing technology, today announced native, real-time nonlinear editing support for Sony's HDV format featured in its new line of HDV camcorders. Canopus's new high-performance, high-definition HQ codec is included with the company's flagship real-time editing software, EDIUS Pro, the foundation for the new line of Canopus editing solutions - EDIUS HDV 1080i software/hardware solution, EDIUS SD and EDIUS HD workstations. Canopus is demonstrating its EDIUS line of real-time HDV editing solutions at the Canopus and Sony stands at this week's IBC tradeshow.

"Sony's new HDV cameras bring affordable HDTV acquisition quality to everyone," said Hiro Yamada, founder and chairman of the board of Canopus. "EDIUS solutions provide the highest performance, quality, and real-time HDV editing available today."

EDIUS Pro, Canopus's powerful nonlinear editing software, frees video editors from the limitations of conventional editing systems by providing a seamless workflow with real-time, multi-track, mixed format HD/SD editing, compositing, chroma keying, titling and timeline output capabilities. EDIUS Pro is designed for maximum performance and supports real-time output of multiple video tracks, effects, and graphics and title layers and seamlessly edits any mix of HD, HDV, DV, uncompressed SD, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 video in real-time. Conversions between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, as well as up-conversion and down-conversion between SD and HD, are processed in real-time, further streamlining the production the workflow.

For an affordable, yet powerful HDV editing solution, Canopus today unveiled its new EDIUS HDV 1080i, software/hardware real-time HD/SD editing solution. This includes a 64-bit PCI board that provides hardware editing acceleration and high-quality video input and outputs, including FireWire for HDV and DV, as well as component, composite and S-Video connectors. Designed to seamlessly integrate into existing studio environments, the EDIUS HDV 1080i, software/hardware solution features complete support for BetaCam SP with component video and balanced audio input/output, as well as frame-accurate RS-422 VTR control and external reference sync input connections. The EDIUS HDV 1080i, software/hardware solution provides an easy transition for video studios to move from existing standard definition (SD) video to the world of HD video by editing SD content, such as DV, in HD resolution, while providing real-time output to HDTV monitors using the onboard HD component output. In this process, the EDIUS HDV 1080i, software/hardware solution provides the highest-quality, real-time up-conversion from standard definition to high definition video, and all project titles, graphics and effects are performed in HD resolution.

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