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Baytech Cinema and IRIDAS to Demonstrate New Technologies for Shooting Uncompressed HD (8/9/2004)

IRIDAS, a technology leader serving the film and digital content creation industries, and Baytech Cinema, a pioneering maker of digital cinematography production technology, are joining forces to present a live demonstration of the new Digital Cinematography Workflow at IBC, September 10 - 14, 2004. Baytech's CineRAM and IRIDAS playback and color correction applications allow filmmakers to shoot straight to reliable portable media, review shots on location, apply color grading, generate reports, and save all metadata together with their image files. These tools streamline production on set and give filmmakers a running start on postproduction.

The process is simple. Shots are recorded with an HD camera to CineRAM using the IRIDAS camera interface. As it records, CineRAM converts uncompressed HD-SDI video to standard image files. The frames are then automatically uploaded from CineRAM via a laptop over a gigabit Ethernet connection to Firewire or USB drives. During acquisition, IRIDAS applications allow users to do shot reviews of uncompressed material in real time and apply non-destructive color correction right on-set.

"CineRAM solves the most basic problem facing digital cinematography right now, says Jack Krooss, President of Baytech. "They need to have confidence that their shot is 'in the can.' CineRAM makes it possible to record multiple master copies directly to tough little Firewire drives. It's like having a 400 foot film load in your back pocket."

"It's all about the workflow," says Steve Crouch, Director of IRIDAS USA. "Hardware like the CineRAM unit are essential elements in a new seamless pipeline that starts with digital acquisition and continues right through to final output. That's where this industry is headed and that's what IRIDAS technology is all about."

A second pod at the booth featuring FrameCycler DI and SpeedGrade DI will allow visitors to learn about the rest of the digital postproduction process.

The Digital Cinematography Workflow exhibit will be presented by Baytech Cinema and IRIDAS at IBC2004 in booth 10.529 in the RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, September 9 - 14.

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