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Media 100 Announces 844/X HD Is Expected To Be Available In 2005 (8/9/2004)

Media 100, a unit of Optibase (NASDAQ:OBAS), and a leading provider of advanced media systems, today announced that it is actively developing a native-HD implementation of its award-winning 844/X real-time editing-compositing system. Based on the 10-bit, real-time architecture of today's 844/X systems, 844/X HD will natively support all HD and SD formats and provide the same real-time, multi-stream performance and functionality with HD projects as today's SD version of 844/X. 844/X HD is expected to be available in 2005.

"With the backing of Optibase, we are doubling our investment in research and development and doubling the size of our engineering team," said Giles Rae, vice president of engineering at Media 100. "This increased investment allows us to forego previously announced plans for supporting HD via broadcast format conversion and instead accelerate the delivery of a native-HD version of 844/X."

"844/X, announced more than two and a half years ago, is still the fastest system on the market, operating at speeds that are comparable to more than 50 real-time streams in other systems today," said Mike Savello, vice president of sales and marketing at Media 100. "844/X HD will deliver a unique architecture that is expected to maintain real-time performance equivalent to today's 844/X."

844/X HD is the first 844/X system to utilise variable bit-rate compression of both HD and SD data and will include one of the first mathematically lossless, uncompressed-quality HD compression algorithms available in a digital video system. This will allow 844/X HD users to conserve disk storage space while maintaining pristine images that are mathematically equivalent to 10-bit uncompressed quality.

Configurations and Availability

844/X HD will be a new product incorporating new software and hardware currently in development. Existing 844/X customers will be able to upgrade to 844/X HD for a nominal fee. 844/X HD is expected to be available in 2005.

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