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Pinnacle Systems' New Liquid Edition Brings Multiple Stream Native HD Editing To The Desktop For Under EUR500 (16/9/2004)

New Version Gives Users Real-time HD Editing, Compositing, and Effects Plus Support for Mixed Formats

Pinnacle Systems, Inc., a leader in digital video solutions, today introduced Pinnacle Liquid Edition version 6, the newest version of Pinnacle's advanced video editing software for professionals and enthusiasts. Liquid Edition delivers new tools and features that include the ability to edit multiple streams of native high-definition (HD) content with real-time effects, a Steinberg inspired audio engine and Pinnacle Studio(R) compatibility, all in a redesigned Microsoft Windows-based interface. Pinnacle Liquid Edition PRO adds a professional analogue and digital input/output (I/O) breakout box with plug and play USB 2 ease-of-use. In addition to providing strong editing features that professionals demand, Pinnacle Liquid Edition offers software based real-time multi-format editing, compositing, and effects, advanced audio tools, and DVD authoring, all from the same intuitive interface.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition is a professional editing application offering native editing of multiple HD streams with real-time effects on a standard PC. This is driven by Pinnacle's SmartRT technology, which harnesses the full power of a computer's central processing unit(s) (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) to perform thousands of resolution independent real-time broadcast quality 2D and 3D effects. Additionally, Pinnacle Liquid Edition's FireWire-enabled plug and play support allows editors to edit in HDV on location with a portable laptop computer.

"With the ability to run Liquid Edition on computers based on the Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology and equipped with powerful graphics cards, Pinnacle has made high quality real-time HD editing available to everyone," said Mel Laird, General Manager of the Solutions Enabling Division at Intel.

This new version of Pinnacle Liquid Edition allows users to combine multiple formats and standards - all in the same timeline - through SmartEDIT. SmartEDIT provides native support for a large variety of codecs including DV25, MPEG-2 I-frame and IBP, and uncompressed. SmartEDIT's unique support for native MPEG-2 IBP material means that with Pinnacle Liquid Edition, users can edit in native HDV as well as native DVD format. This eliminates the need for the time-consuming, quality damaging process of format conversions.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition offers a wealth of other new creative options such as advanced video effects, a remarkable audio effects engine that provides a sophisticated audio mixer, support for full surround sound, VST plug-ins and effects such as Timewarp. Pinnacle Liquid's new Multicam support makes editing complex productions with as many as nine camera angles an absolute breeze. Additional improvements include greater control with parameter-based Bezier keyframe compositing and powerful new Track Matte and Mosaic real-time effects.

"Where other vendors ask you to buy a bundled suite of distinct complicated applications and expensive hardware, we have taken the approach of providing a comprehensive "suite of features" in a single consistent application," said Ajay Chopra, chief operations officer at Pinnacle Systems. "The Liquid Edition editor saves time and money with a unified software-based editing, composting, effects, DVD authoring, and professional audio environment in a single integrated, user-friendly interface."

Pinnacle Liquid in Broadcast

Pinnacle continues to provide broadcasters with flexible and scalable editing solutions. All new Pinnacle Liquid family products offer optimised tape-less workflows by means of direct integration with Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCAM. Broadcast professionals seeking to complement the across-the-board standard Liquid software support for HDV can go with the all new Liquid Ciné HD product to find uncompressed SD/HD-SDI options. Advanced networking capabilities enable all Liquid products to integrate seamlessly and share projects in workgroups developed by Pinnacle, SGI, IBM, and many others.

Pricing & Availability

Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 and Liquid Edition PRO are expected to be available in the autumn at a suggested retail price of EUR499 and EUR999, respectively. Upgrade pricing will also be available for previous versions of Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Pinnacle Studio and competitive products. For more information on Pinnacle Liquid Edition version 6 please go to

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