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ViewCast Delivers Osprey-300 Video Capture Card For Streaming and Video Editing Applications (16/9/2004)

ViewCast Corporation (OTCBB:VCST), a leading global provider of high-quality video communications for businesses and media enterprises, has announced it has begun shipping the Osprey(R)-300, which offers new features for the nonlinear editing market. The Osprey-300 combines the quality and superiority of the industry-leading Osprey video capture cards with the features of a standard IEEE 1394b card, creating a quality digital video (DV) capture card with full device control capability. It is the first dual-channel capture card that uses analog and DV capture independently and simultaneously and includes 1394b support. The optimal streaming and capture solution for the large number of Adobe users, the Osprey-300 is also the first ViewCast capture card to be certified for Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro, Adobe's award-winning nonlinear editing software.

"The Osprey-300 is a price/performance breakthrough," said George Platt, president and CEO of ViewCast. "We're essentially delivering two cards for the price of one and then offering them bundled with the industry's leading creative software, all at an extremely attractive price. Additionally, it enables media production teams to optimize the streaming time in the post-production process, make more efficient use of editing equipment, and ensure the high integrity of the original images."

Building upon the video streaming capabilities and high-performance features of the Osprey-230, the Osprey-300 adds OHCI compliancy (IEEE 1394) for video capture. The Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI)-compliant IEEE 1394 standard allows users to transfer DV material into an editing system in its native DV format while maintaining original source quality and optimizing the workflow for post-production houses. The PCI-X bus interface provides compatibility with the latest PC technologies, delivering high-performance, high-bandwidth data transfers. The Osprey-300 combined with Adobe Premiere Pro delivers high-performance capture and device control for real-time nonlinear editing.

"The availability of the latest Osprey-300 video card certified for use with Adobe Premiere Pro has been well received by many of our leading customers. They now have immediate access to a professional, affordable option for editing and streaming capture of desktop digital video," said Platt.

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