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Digigram Launches LCM200 and LCM420 Sound Cards (16/9/2004)

Digigram, a world leader in innovative digital audio network solutions, launches at the IBC 2004 trade show two new models of its LCM range of sound cards.

The LCM200 features a balanced analog stereo output and an additional headphone jack. It is designed for newsroom applications, permanent playback, and editing.

The LCM420 with one balanced analog stereo input and two analog balanced stereo outputs is ideal for entry-level live-assist applications or broadcast automation. The second stereo output may serve as a cue output.

By offering a more specific set of functions, the LCM range provides Digigram on-board audio processing and features at a lower price point than comparable cards in Digigram's PCX range. Full duplex, the cards offer simultaneous and independent record and playback capabilities, as well as real-time, simultaneous MPEG Layer I and Layer II compression and decompression during record and playback.

When used with applications based on the Digigram np SDK, real-time mixing of multiple sound files, level adjustment, panning, cross fade, punch-in/punch-out, scrubbing, and format and frequency conversions are performed by the card's DSP. Additionally, the LCM420 offers real-time pitch-shifting and time-stretching.

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