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Incite Announces Support of Sony's XDCAM Professional Disc System (16/9/2004)

Incite announces support of Sony's XDCAM Professional Disc system with Incite's range of revolutionary network-based editing, logging, browsing and mobile NLE applications.

With Sony's XDCAM cameras video footage is recorded directly to the Professional Disc, creating independent video/audio/metadata files. The XDCAM system's ability to generate simultaneously high resolution formats and lower resolution proxy formats while shooting is a perfect match for Incite's collaborative workflow strategy, based on transparent hi-res/proxy format production.

In the Incite workflow, proxy editing applications, like Incite Media Producer or Incite Newsmaker, and craft hi-resolution editors, like Incite Editor and Incite News, will be able to share and exchange projects edited in different resolutions, but pointing to the same shot material. Journalists will prepare their projects using the low-res proxy version of the shooting, while later professional editors will finish the same projects with a dynamic and automatic link to the hi-res version files. Since both types of files are already created while shooting in the XDCAM Professional Disc, there is no need for any transcoding or conversion from hi-res to low-res, offering unparalleled speed for this kind of workflow.

The Incite codec independent vision of high-speed data transfers with encapsulated media and metadata information is one of the main requirements for modern and efficient news and sports productions. With the integration of Sony's XDCAM system this vision is taken to previously unseen possibilities.

An unique feature of the Incite NLE applications is the ability to have concurrent access to the same XDCAM media that is in the process of being uploaded to the central storage, both for logging and editing, without having to wait that the transfer or upload is completed. This is one of the functions that broadcasters expect from today's professional production tools.

The Incite workflow, based on DVCAM and Mpeg codecs, will be enhanced with Sony's MXF support, opening a higher level of media exchange with other manufactures. Sony's "Direct access" through i.LINK (R) IEEE-1394 to the XDCAM disc is of a special interest for Incite users that like to explore data content using a standard IT approach.

Incite background transcoding engine, managed by Incite Task Server, will handle automatic media conversion and delivery from XDCAM format to other 3rd party codecs, offering unparalleled compatibility with other applications and giving the user multiple choices for content distribution using virtually any available codec or format.

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