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Media 100 Adds Seamless Offline-Online Integration Of Apple, Avid And Other Editing Systems With 844/X (16/9/2004)

Media 100, a unit of Optibase (NASDAQ:OBAS), and a leading provider of advanced media systems, today announced that it will support Apple's Final Cut Pro XML and the industry-standard AAF interchange formats in an upcoming version of its 844/X editing and real-time compositing system. With XML import of Final Cut Pro projects and import of timelines from AAF-compatible systems such as Avid's Media Composer, creative professionals will be able to streamline the process of creating offline edits on other systems and allow them to utilise 844/X for unlimited-layer compositing and 10-bit uncompressed finishing.

"844/X has the speed and quality that users are looking for to finish projects and add that extra creative flair to their content," said Mike Savello, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Media 100. "Avid's Media Composer has always been popular in post production for offline editing and now Apple's Final Cut Pro is becoming just as prevalent. By adding support for AAF, the industry-standard, and XML, Final Cut Pro's native data interchange format, to the OMF support that is available today with 844/X, we are enabling users of other systems to better take advantage of the 844/X editing, compositing and effects capabilities to finish their projects."

844/X Support for Apple Final Cut Pro XML

Final Cut Pro supports XML for data interchange, which includes information for every aspect of a program from edits and transitions to effects, colour correction settings and keyframe data. Supporting this native Final Cut Pro format will allow 844/X users to quickly and seamlessly import program, clip and other metadata generated by Final Cut Pro.

844/X Support for Industry-Standard AAF

AAF (the Advanced Authoring Format) is a multimedia file format standard that enables the exchange of digital media and metadata across platforms and between systems and applications. The AAF standard is controlled by the AAF Association, an industry trade group founded in 2000 and comprising representatives from many companies in the film, broadcast and post-production markets. With AAF support added to the already included OMF compatibility, 844/X customers will be able to import and conform projects originated on compatible systems, such as the Media Composer line from Avid.


Media 100 plans to begin beta testing of XML and AAF file format support in late 2004 and deliver both capabilities in a future 844/X software release.

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