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Quantel Preview Next major software release for iQ and eQ at IBC (17/9/2004)

Users get early look at exciting developments in the pipeline

In addition to the imminent Core Values software release on show at IBC, Quantel is also previewing its next major software upgrade for iQ and eQ, which will be available early in 2005.

The New Year release boasts features that will appeal to the extensive customer base of Quantel Henry and Editbox users. Features to be included for both iQ and eQ are Warp, Motion Blur, Modify Keyframes All, Layer Blend Modes and new keyer facilities.

"We have increasing interest from Henry and Editbox users in upgrading to iQ or eQ," says Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Manager, Post and DI. "The new software being previewed will make those loyal Quantel users feel very comfortable transitioning to the iQ or eQ environment as they meet the challenges of today's multi-resolution world."

In addition, the New Year release adds to the DI power of iQ and boosts the QColor in-context grading package. New HSL selective modes, Keycode Conform and Network Conform are all included.

"iQ offers the only DI business model that works," adds Owen. "These new features will boost productivity even more for iQ owners."

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