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ARRI Color Management System and Quantel iQ Offer a Standard Approach to DI Calibration (17/9/2004)

ARRI and Quantel are delighted to announce that the ARRI Color Management System (CMS) Preview LUTs are now available for the Quantel iQ Digital Intermediate system.

Calibrating the DI chain is a vital part of making money in DI and the CMS Preview LUTs and iQ combination brings visual certainty to the DI suite. The Preview LUTs encapsulate ARRI's first-rate knowledge of film and film recording by mathematically modelling what will happen to the DI data when it is recorded back to film and viewed. iQ brings that mathematical model to life in real time in the DI suite so that Directors and DoPs can see on the monitor exactly what they are going to get when using an ARRILASER to go back to film.

The ARRI preview LUTs are generated by breaking down the many variables in the DI chain into a number of different elements which can be standardised. This allows each part of the DI chain to be calibrated independently of the others and ensures good interchange between different facilities and labs. As iQ works on the actual DI data, not proxies which introduce uncertainty, this approach makes sure that what you see on the screen in the DI suite and on the screen in the cinema will be identical. ARRI's preview LUTs and iQ's realtime implementation are also useful when working video-to-film, making out of gamut colors visible during grading, effects and titling work.

"The combination of the ARRI CMS Preview LUTs and iQ will increase the profitability of DI businesses. It's a fast, practical and accurate way of handling calibration in the DI world," says Quantel Marketing Manager, Steve Owen. "We are really pleased to be working with industry leaders like ARRI to bring the benefits of DI to even more filmmakers.

"Matching a digital image to the same image projected on a large screen has always been a challenge. Processing film for quality assurance is time consuming and expensive. With our CMS we ensure that what you see on the screen is what you're going to get in the final projection, the turnaround time on production is much faster. We are looking forward to releasing our technology at IBC2004 and are hoping to see many movies graded by iQ with QColor and our 3D LUT technology soon."

Every iQ is already equipped with the realtime hardware needed to use the Preview LUTs. The LUTs can be purchased direct from ARRI.

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