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Quantel sQ Server System Grows Resolution Transparent Variant (17/9/2004)

At IBC 2004 Quantel is making the first public showing of its revolutionary Resolution Transparent(TM) sQ server system. Resolution Transparent sQ technology is already on air at ESPN operating in a mixed SD and HD operation.

"Resolution Transparency allows SD and HD pictures to be mixed at will within the server," says Quantel Broadcast Marketing Manager, Norman Rouse. "SD is up-rezzed on the fly for HD playout, and HD is down-rezzed on the fly for SD. The net result is that Resolution Transparency removes all the potential hassles of the multi-resolution world."

The sQ server is now available in three variants SD, HD and Resolution Transparent for mixed HD and SD production environments. The HD and Resolution Transparent sQ models have all the power and functionality of their SD counterparts, including Quantel's unique Frame Magic(TM) and ISA database management. Multiple journalist and craft editing applications are supported in exactly the same manner as in SD variants.

The demonstrations at IBC will be of the award-winning Split Remote sQ configuration running on Resolution Transparent servers. Split Remote allows broadcasters to slash on-site equipment and staff at major events while maintaining the quality and immediacy of their coverage. "Split Remote is transforming broadcasters' views of the costs of covering remote sports events," continues Rouse. "Couple that with the introduction of Resolution Transparent server technology, and the future broadcasting landscape looks very exciting indeed."

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