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Quantel Re-Engineers Paintbox Broadcast Graphics System for 21st Century (17/9/2004)

Quantel is incredibly proud to reveal that Paintbox, the legendary broadcast graphics system, is back again on an all-new platform that really flies.

Nothing else in the industry has created such an enduring legacy. Paintbox revolutionised broadcast video design when it was first introduced in 1982 and, for over twenty years, set the standard for all other systems to match. Close to air, nothing else has ever come close to Paintbox.

Now, as a result of overwhelming demand from the close-to-air design community, Paintbox is back. Boasting dedicated, rack-mounted Quantel hardware, Paintbox will allow designers to produce better graphics at greater speed than ever before. Hardware though can only take a machine so far. The true key to Paintbox's ability, and its lasting reputation, lies in its supremely ergonomic interface that designers find genuinely intuitive. Featuring a UI developed and refined during two decades at the forefront of broadcast graphics, tools are exactly where they're needed - not hidden behind layers of drop down menus - while a pen, tablet and hand unit interface allows for rapid, two-handed operation. This all means that designers can work the way they want to, instinctively, not simply the way a manufacturer tells them.

Couple these sheer performance advantages with an industry-leading toolset refined and developed over years working at all the world's leading broadcasters, not to mention hundreds of integrated plug-ins. In the pressure-cooker situation of working close-to-air, nothing else matches it. It's as simple as that.

Paintbox is available in three versions, all of which feature the same award-winning UI and toolsets: Paintbox itself the SD workhorse; Paintbox gQ featuring additional Quantel hardware for full-on HD; QPaintbox software-only release, ideal for assist stations.

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