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DVS presents own SAN solution (17/9/2004)

At IBC DVS is launching its own SAN storage solution: "DVS-SAN" (Storage Area Network). It consists of fiber channel disk arrays with an optimized RAID controller. With this addition to its product line-up DVS fulfills the need of post-production companies, whose workflows are based on central storage. DVS-SAN has been developed to cater for the real-time transfer of film 2K and HD video sequences requiring high data-rate and data-access capabilities.

The advantage for post-production companies in using SAN technology is that several workstations can access the same data concurrently. For example: while one workstation is writing to the DVS-SAN, another can start working with the data, even before all the data has been transferred.

The workstations connected to the DVS-SAN for example the CLIPSTER editing system or the Pronto2K disk recorder can play concurrently video clips in film 2K resolution, RGB, 10 bit at 24p in real time. Data rates of 306 MB/sec (2.4 Gbit/sec) per data stream are achieved. Depending upon the configuration, up to three concurrent and independent data streams (up to 7.2 Gbit/sec) can be transferred. DVS-SAN, of course, works with products from other manufacturers, too.

The maximum storage capacity of a real-time DVS-SAN is many tens of terabytes. Such a system can store several complete feature films in film 2K resolution.

DVS-SAN is built with standard 19" racking. A minimum of 2 x 3U storage units is required. This corresponds to between 2.3 and 9.6 terabytes more than six hours of 2K material. The capacity can be increased as required by adding storage units.

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