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JVC Presents Portable and Compact High Definition Digital Recorder/Player (17/9/2004)

Featuring on JVC's high definition area at IBC is the world's first high definition video (HDV) format recorder / player, the CU-VH1EX. Built for rugged conditions and portability, the CU-VH1EX field recorder is the perfect partner to the JVC JY-HD10 handheld camcorder.

Nick Fletcher, product marketing manager at JVC Professional Europe Ltd comments, "This compact field recorder demonstrates JVC's ability and commitment to bring affordable high definition video to a broader market. JVC are able to offer more flexibility and reliability for users at a price below Standard Definition systems. Visitors to IBC are seeing first-hand the ease of creating HD content."

Range of interfaces opens a plethora of editing possibilities

The CU-VH1EX enables digital-to-digital HD, SD and DV recording to and from video equipment and PCs. The iLink interface allows digital-to-digital dubbing between the CU-VH1EX and HD cameras and JVC HD decks (D-VHS), as well as allowing high definition MPEG-2 material to be transferred between the CU-VH1EX and a PC either for playback or non-linear MPEG-2 editing.

Image capture, storage and viewing

The new CU-VH1EX offers versatile playback options. It plays back signals recorded in 720/30p (MPEG-2), 480/60p (MPEG-2) and 480/60i (DV) including any footage shot with the JY-HD10 camcorder. With up and downconversion capabilities, HD recordings can be viewed on virtually any television or monitor. HD 16:9, SD or DV footage can be played in 16:9 or 4:3 letterbox modes. All material is output on component analogue connectors and down-converted or PAL material is available on the S-Video or composite outputs.

To satisfy immediate viewing needs in the field, HD material that has been shot with the JY-HD10 can also be viewed on the CU-VH1EX's built-in 3.5-inch, 240,000 pixel high-resolution LCD monitor that also features brightness control and a speaker. The LCD screen folds down flat into the top of the unit when not in use.

The CU-VH1EX can also capture progressive HD, SD and DV 1280 x 720 JPEG stills and save them to a memory card. Images stored on SD Cards or MultiMediaCards (MMC) can be viewed individually or automatically as a slide show. Thumbnail images of footage shot on tape can be automatically stored on a memory card while shooting or manually during playback for easy access to specific scenes.

Built for rugged conditions and portability

The CU-VH1EX was built for rugged conditions and portability. Guard bars and a rugged cover protect component BNC outputs, S-Video, composite and audio inputs/outputs and iLink IEEE 1394 and USB inputs/outputs. The SD memory card/MultiMediaCard slot, microphone jack and headphone jack are similarly protected. The CU-VH1EX uses the same batteries as the JY-HD10, and the included AC power supply unit also acts as battery charger.

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