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JVC announces SR-DVM70 three-in-one digital video recorder incorporating MiniDV, HDD and DVD (17/9/2004)

At IBC 2004, JVC Professional Europe Ltd announces its latest recorder, model SR-DVM70. This recorder has three-in-one video recording that incorporates MiniDV, HDD, and DVD and is packed with a range of professional features.

Additional to its triple recording capabilities, the SR-DVM70 has a 160 GB hard disk that offers high-storage capacity for extended recording times. It also enables mass duplication with high-quality picture and audio being assured by internal digital-to-digital signal transfer.

A video output terminal with a BNC connector guarantees reliable and secure connection to other professional equipment. DV format signals are recorded directly to the hard disk drive for enhanced digital-to-digital recordings with zero loss in quality.

What makes this recorder stand out from the crowd is the synchronised editing function. This relates to the internal transfer of pre-edited video material from the HDD to the DVD recorder. The synchronised editing function ensures that the edit points get recorded seamlessly on the DVD. What makes this possible is the intra-coded (I), frame coded picture (P), and bi-directionally predictive-coded picture (B) frame information from each group of pictures. The I and P frames contain the information that determines picture quality and by maintaining their position with the GOP, it is possible to minimise degradation when dubbing so that there are no pauses or edit points during DVD playback thus ensuring a smooth and natural, high quality picture.

The SR-DVM70’s MiniDV deck is also capable of playing back DVCAMTM tapes which have been shot on the small DVCAMTM cassette. The deck also incorporates JVC’s highly respected block-noise-cancellation circuitry which works equally well with DVCAMTM as with DV.

Nick Fletcher, product marketing manager at JVC Professional comments, “This recorder, making its debut at IBC, offers a complete flexibility in formats not seen before. We’ve developed the recording technology to the point where we can put everything you need in one box and, at the same time, price it competitively. It will appeal to everybody attending IBC whether they be cinematographers, post production houses, broadcasters or videographers.”

The SR-DVM70 will be available in November, 2004.

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