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Panasonic Shows High End Graphic Processors At IBC (20/9/2004)

Panasonic is showing for the first time at IBC two high end graphic processors designed for on-air sport and live graphics.

The AV-CGP300 is a high definition capable real-time 3D graphics processor designed for on-air events like sports and live graphics. The compact, real-time 3D graphics processor, housed in a 2-RU size chassis, provides outstanding real-time rendering performance of up to 40.000 polygons per field (upgradeable to 64.000) and 512 M pixels per second fill rate (AV-CGP500: 1Gbyte).

Panasonic's AV-CPG300 and AV-CPG500 processors support the most popular formats - including 1080/24p, 1080i/60, 1080i/50, 720p/60, 575i/50 and 480i/60 as standard. The AV-CGP500 is a multi-application, multi-format real-time graphics processor, designed for on-air sports/live graphics, virtual set, and computer generated (CG) character applications.

In addition, Kaydara's ONLINE, the only available real-time character animation system for broadcasters and film use, now supports Panasonic's processors. Kaydara's ONLINE offers a complete set of production tools for live-to-air, live-to-tape and on-stage visualization. Kaydara said it chose to support the AV-CGP500 and AV-CPG300 because the processors offer easy integration with ONLINE, HD input/output streams (fill and key), excellent performance, super reliability, flexibility with different HD formats, 16X anti-aliasing, and dedicated functionality available for future use (chroma-keyer and frame delay).

The new AV-CPG300 multi-format graphics system offers real-time rendering of broadcast-quality 3D graphics in 1080/24p, 1080i, 720p and 480i resolutions, and runs under leading 3D graphic software applications from VizRT and Kaydara.

Real-time texture and bump mapping, defocus and light source effects all contribute to the realization of rich, real-time 3D graphics. The graphics processor incorporates two SDI inputs, plus dual Program/Preview SDI outputs for Video and Key. Internal chroma keying and chroma key operational panel are system options. An additional optional accessory is the AV-CGP50P01 redundant power supply.

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