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Hitachi's New High-Performance Z-3500 14 Bit Professional Camera Achieves Superior Imaging Quality At A Cost-Effective Price (20/9/2004)

Hitachi introduces the Z-3500, a low-cost, standard-definition DSP production camera that replaces the popular Z-ONE-D. It is well suited for the educational, institutional and television broadcast industry, the Z-3500 is a lighter, higher-performance version of its predecessor. The increased performance stems from a new Hitachi-engineered high-density digital processor that streamlines the Z-3500's electronics and provides higher resolution and better picture quality while retaining its low price point.

The Z-3500 is ideal for schools, colleges, corporate institutions and smaller television stations that demand high quality but are faced with budgetary restrictions. Local cable television stations with news departments will find the camera ideal for field applications, such as live sports or other news events. A new multicore cable CCU with SDI output (camera control unit), the RU-Z35, allows the camera to be used with more than 300m of cable. As part of Hitachi's range of S and V series cameras, the Z-3500's chassis is the same as the existing S-3000/V-21 models and is compatible with most S and V series accessories for both field or studio use. The camera will be displayed in its studio and ENG configuration at the Hitachi booth.

While many manufacturers focus only on high-end HDTV cameras, Hitachi has reiterated its commitment to smaller market broadcasters, schools, corporations, and government organizations with our introduction of the Z-3500.

The Z-3500 will appeal to broadcasters looking to upgrade their video quality, while remaining cost-effective. Hitachi has added features to this new camera that deliver outstanding picture quality and enormous flexibility at an affordable price.

In addition to the new Hitachi DSP processor, the Z-3500 features 14-bit analog-to-digital converters that increase the color-depth and dynamic range of the picture. Other performance specifications include 900 TVL resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio (63dB PAL), 2/3-inch CCDs, F11 sensitivity, digital shading compensation, high-chroma detail, flesh-tone masking, fully automatic flesh-tone detail correction, and a power consumption specification of only 9.8 watts. Hitachi designs, manufacturers and markets video cameras for the broadcast television, cable, video production, and industrial markets.

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