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Hitachi Introduces Its Top-Of-The-Line Megapixel Broadcast Production Camera SK-900 (20/9/2004)

Hitachi will introduce and exhibit at the 2004 IBC its new and advanced SK-900 broadcast studio and field production DSP camera. The SK-900 is Hitachi's latest technological advancement in the manufacture of digital signal processing cameras. At the heart of this new broadcast camera is the Hitachi designed and manufactured 0.18 Ám pitch VLSI DSP chip having more than 3 million gates and 30-bit signal processing power. This new DSP chip more accurately than ever helps reproduce the smallest detail and the subtlest shades of color in the reproduction of the image. Artistic controls now have the finest adjustment and usable range due to this new digital processor.

An added important advancement is the use of 14-bit analog to digital converters (ADCs) responsible for translating the analog output of the imaging devices (CCDs) to the digital domain with increased fidelity and dynamic range. With these ADCs, the need for analog pre-processing prior to digital conversion has been eliminated which translates into a simpler electronic process and a cleaner picture.

Finally Hitachi is using newly available Inter-Line Transfer CCDs having a 1038(H) x 1008(V) array of pixels yielding a never before obtainable -140dB specification for vertical smear. This smear specification makes the SK-900 suitable for the most demanding studio or field production applications where IT CCDs were previously determined inappropriate. Along with the improved vertical smear specification; a significant gain in Signal to Noise ratio was gained due to the increased dynamic range provided by the higher vertical pixel count on the new CCDs.

The SK-900's compact chassis now offers a 4-position motorized filter wheel to facilitate the use of optical effects filters as needed by the cameraman or video operator. The filters can be changed locally by an electronic switch at the camera head or remotely at the operation control panel.

A newly designed Triaxial Cable Transmission system increases up the usable cable distance specification to 1.900 meters and a significant gain in the system's S/N ratio specification. The TU/CX-Z3A Triax System also offers a Trunk Video option that enables the feed of a video signal at the camera head and recovery at the CCU for situations where an additional cable runs out the camera's pre-existing location is to be avoided.

Most of the SK-900 accessories are compatible with those used with the existing SK-777 and SK-777A cameras. The camera head of the SK-900 weights only 2.7 kg. excluding the Viewfinder and Cable Adapter.

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